Mischif’s Lie in the Sky January 19, 2012

Mischif’s Lie in the Sky

Canadian rapper Mischif wrote the following song. The lyrics are below so you can sing along. (Hey, I’m a poet and I don’t even know it!)

Chorus 2X:
Living a lie.
Never given the time to even think but you were given a mind.
Start to think and you’ll find the very truth that is hidden inside
and stop believing in the lie the sky. (The lie in the sky.)

Verse 1:
Brainwashed since birth to believe so they’ll live in fear.
Get them scared at a young age of a god that isn’t there.
Train the youth to hate ya, for obeyin’ human nature.
Major religions taking young children to mutilate them.
I wish there was a hell so the Pope could see the beast
for covering up crimes of the pedophile priests.
We don’t need religion to teach morals… ridiculous.
Your backwards way of thinkin’ is looking so hideous.
Mother Teresa wasn’t special; it was a cover up.
Witnesses of her so called miracles, they would shut them up.
Magazines printing full stories that reeked of fabrication,
while the sheep followed so blindly and gave her adulation.
If we all come from a white Adam and Eve, some one
tell me where all of the different colors of the world come from.
There’s no evidence for a god, but there is for evolution.
Let’s rebuild the mind that religion’s been polluting

Chorus 2X:
Living a lie.
Never given the time to even think but you were given a mind.
Start to think and you’ll find the very truth that is hidden inside
and stop believing in the lie the sky. (The lie in the sky.)

Verse 2:
The church imprisoned Galileo for the birth of modern science
’cause they don’t want us to learn. They want mankind’s compliance.
Giving us facts, but religion had to take him out
for teaching we went around the sun and not the other way around.
Religion gave us the dark ages, the heartless
thousand-year period of intellectual darkness.
How can you believe that creation was instantaneous?
Yet all the worlds genocides, god also gave to yas?
Modern organisms from simple to complex
only reflect an evolutionary process.
When someone young dies, “god’s work’s a mystery.”
Forget the millions killed in his name throughout history.
Coincidences happen and some become spiritual
and suddenly wanna label the incident a miracle.
Mind control is just religions main obsession.
Born with curiosity but you better suppress it.

(Thanks to Mark for the link and lyrics!)

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  • Roshan

    I usually don’t like rap music – but this is good. Gonna share it!

  • Dan W

    Awesome. I’m not generally a fan of most rap, but this is great.

  • slantrhyme

    I’ve been thinking it for a while, but since I’ve started to see more and more of this on this site and others like it (or am I just imagining that it’s increasing?), I feel I finally have to ask:

    Is overtly atheist rock (or whatever genre) really any different than Christian rock? 

    It seems like the music is about 10 years behind the times, and the message is so preachy that it’s hard to take seriously. 

    Is it just me?  If so, I’ll shut up. 

  • lamb

    I’ll be honest – when I read “Canadian” and “rapper” in the same sentence, I cringed. I grew up near Montreal and I heard French-Canadian rap way too many times. This has changed me and made me proud of Canada (I mean, even more proud than I already am).

  • Rich Wilson

    Isaac Newton most certainly was not an atheist.  Galileo neither.

  • Anonymous Atheist

    Great song. Here is a transcription of the last minute and a half, that isn’t included in the posted lyrics:

    I dedicate this to all the great minds that help advance society instead of hold it back.Whether it’s science, philosophy, even entertainment.Galileo, Democritus, Charles Darwin, Andrew Carnegie, Sigmund Freud, Clarence Darrow, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Leonardo DaVinci, Isaac Newton, Aristotle, Plato, Noam Chomsky, David Suzuki, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Michel Onfray, Ricky Gervais, Katharine Hepburn, George Carlin, Mark Zuckerberg, Seth MacFarlane.Clean your mind. Don’t need that to be a good person.You weren’t born that way, you were raised that way.Brainwashed.Explaining life and death can be met by science and philosophy;questions of good and evil are addressed by ethics; and inspiration and beauty can be found in the arts.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Atheist addressed this:
    I dedicate this to all the great minds that help advance society instead
    of hold it back.Whether it’s science, philosophy, even

  • T-Rex

    Didnt watch the video and I’m no fan of rap music really. But read as a poem, it’s awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I hear you.  I usually can’t stand rap music.  This time however I wasn’t compelled to rinse my ears out with a bit of Iron Maiden.

    Just to make the thread complete, if you haven’t heard of Greydon Square, take a minute:

  • aimee eisiminger

    Atheist is spelled wrong in the script of the video….sorry I can’t help myself sometimes.   🙂  

  • At least we don’t butcher classics.

    This song sounds to me a little like a cross between Rage Against The Machine and Eminem. Which is not bad! 🙂

  • I did not listen, but read the lyrics and thought they were spot on. I like the “shout outs” at the end too. I like the fact that this song seems like it has a lot of thought put in to it.  Not like so many Christian songs that are bleated out and just sound super cheesy, with cheesy lyrics!!

  • Sara B

    I AGREE SO MUCH.  His music is just awful; it reminds me of a j-roc song, but worse (i hope a fellow canadian gets that reference).  I feel like if he didn’t have such a strong atheist message, no one would listen to him at all.  It’s cheesy in the way the christian rap i listened to in the 6th grade was cheesy.  

    If you’re looking for atheist music that’s actually well written & clever, try this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Hollow_(album)

  • Not liking the sound, or the genre, or thinking it’s not well as done as you would like it to be, or in comparison to other atheist songs of different genres out there,…those could all be seen as reasonable criticisms I think as music in general is very subjective and everyone has different standards of what they personally like.  But to compare it to Christian rock because you think the message is preachy?  What in it is any more “preachy” than what gets posted here, or on any other atheists blog?  Maybe it’s the use of the word “brainwash”, that rubs some atheists the wrong way if they are the type who are extremely sensitive in trying to not offend believers by using that kind of language to describe their indoctrination.  Maybe it’s the “use your mind you were given” message, but isn’t that exactly what we want people to do?  Aren’t there many ways of saying so, this way being one of them?

    I find it covers a lot of ground by getting straight to the point on multiple topics in a short period of time.  Wouldn’t equating this with Christian rock be the same as equating the average atheist blog with the average Christian blog?   Atheist blogs promote critical thinking, shine a light on injustice, ridicule religion, promote science, express frustration….Christian blogs proselytize, demonize good people, praise their deity, attack science, etc.  

  • Rich Wilson

    At 2:33, he flashes “Great Athiests”(sic) it comes between ‘entertainment’ and ‘Galileo’.  So no, he doesn’t SAY Newton is an atheist, but there’s a pretty strong implication that Newton is a ‘Great Athiest”

  • Buzz

    I wrote this song called Skeptik it’s only a rough demo so go easy: http://www.borderlineartistic.com

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