First Contact January 18, 2012

First Contact

"Recommending an apologetics book to atheists? Comedy gold"

MAGA Cultist Pastor Screams at Church ..."
"some fundie catholics might though of course"

MAGA Cultist Pastor Screams at Church ..."
"The Catholic church actually doesn't oppose evolution, that's mostly a protestand thing"

MAGA Cultist Pastor Screams at Church ..."

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  • i’m guessing it was either Morgan Freeman, or James Earl Jones. i doubt it would have gone over too well if they sounded like Darth Vader  😉

  • Oh, I don’t know. If they claimed they had seeded our planet eons ago and guided our development from afar, sounding like Darth Vader would seem appropriate. “Earth, we are your father!”

  • Michael

    Aww, they decided they looked too much like naughty bits after the last comic.

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