Jessica Ahlquist Answers Your Questions (and Other Updates) January 17, 2012

Jessica Ahlquist Answers Your Questions (and Other Updates)

Jessica Ahlquist, who now has the best YouTube screenname ever, answered a number of questions in a video for Reddit:

In case you’re wondering, there has been some follow-up about the threats being made against her:

The school district’s operating officer, Ray Votto Jr., told The Providence Journal… that a student faced internal discipline, typically a form of detention, for online comments. The student wasn’t named.

In other news, the Jessica Ahlquist Scholarship Fund has topped $20,000! Can we make it $25,000 by the end of the week?

Finally, barring any last second changes, I’ll be doing a phone interview on The WPRO Morning News with Tara Granahan & Andrew Gobeil at 6:40a (ET) Tuesday morning to talk about the scholarship drive.

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  • Rich Wilson

    All the people saying nasty things about her just make me wonder, did they think she put a gun to 
    Judge Ronald R. Lagueux’s head?  Or put a voodoo curse on him?  She was exercising her 1st amendment right to petition government for redress of grievances.  The Judge is the one who ordered the mural taken down, not Jessica.  If they have an issue with the decision, they should take it up with him.

    (I know, choir, but I’ve been explaining facts of the case to various friends of friends on FB today, and that’s got to be the biggest one)

  • The force is strong in that one!

  • Edwin

    I like the 6.66 at the end of the total!

  • Jessica is an impressive young woman.  She’s so intelligent and sane – not to mention well-spoken.   I look forward to see what she does with her life!

  • Tim


    You will go far.  Articulate, determined, intelligent.

    I’m English and periodically look across the Atlantic at the latest American insanity (the most recent one was the idea that an ability to speak a bit of French was an inpediment to becoming President!) .   Folks like Jessica remind me that the very best of human endevours and principles may still be found in your great Republic. 

  • Erik Cameron

    With heroes like this, who needs gods?

  • Justin Miyundees

    So glad to see Jessica has her chin up!!  

    From experience, even a small show of support is a great boost, so let’s keep the encouragement coming!  

    And CHIP IN!!! to Jessica’s scholarship fund if you can.  GO JESSICA!

  • Ubi Dubium

    Jessica for President in 2032!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Jessica is an impressive young woman.  She’s so intelligent and sane – not to mention well-spoken.”
    And also a woman on the internet which will mean she will be swarmed with idiots leaving comments about showing her boobs.

  • Erik Cameron

    You are the only person to even mention that subject in this thread so far.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking more on her youtube page. I would assume there wouldn’t be a lot of people telling her to show off her “bewbs” in a site she doesn’t visit.

  • Rich Wilson

    Instead of bringing something irrelevant into this discussion, let’s just deal with it if/when/where it does happen.

  • Mzuniga

    Dude, seriously?

    I know you’re not making disparaging remarks – merely bewhaling the idea that some immature idiots might. But still, why even bring it up?

    Bottom line, this young lady has a beautiful, brilliant mind. Couple that with an awe inspiring sense of integrity, limitless courage and an unrelenting respect for thrth and justice. And as if that weren’t enough, the girl has class.

    I mean seriously, must we wait for 2032? Can’t we bend the law a little bit, and let her run now?

    Jessica, if you are any indication of what young people are about, you make me feel optimistic about the future of our nation!

  • Brodell1208

    Cut the little b itch’s throat.

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