Educate Women About Their Bodies? Never! January 17, 2012

Educate Women About Their Bodies? Never!



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  • Lula N Cache

    Heck, educate men about women’s bodies, too. And their own!

  • Exactly. Who would do such a terrible thing? They should find these things out only AFTER they’ve committed to a life long relationship with a single person who also knows nothing about the subject under pain of eternal torture if they were to change their minds at a later date.

    It’s only proper.

  • Todd Libasci

    We usually know our bodies VERY well.

  • I dont get the picture, I see the computer and everything but what the holly hell is that sitting in front of it?

  • Anonymous

    There’s a show on mid day called The Doctors.  Yesterday’s episode talked quite openly about the “female parts, down there” and they had a plastic mock up vagina, too.  Oh, the shame.

  • Anonymous

    It’s an alien with two eye stalks and a blob body with stick arms.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Condescending much?

  • Yeah, but that doesn’t exactly translate to knowledge of the FEMALE body.

  • Todd Libasci

    Yeah, I know.  I was just sayin’ 😉

  • Todd Libasci

    Umpteen years ago I bought a girlfriend (whose Christian upbringing kept such things off the radar) a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves.   She clearly needed it.  I didn’t actually tell her that, but she was clearly not flattered by the gift. To be fair I didn’t really expect her to be; that wasn’t the point.  A year or so later we had broken up but I had occasion to visit her and saw the book – dog-eared and bookmarked and spine-cracked like you wouldn’t believe. I gave myself a point for that.

  • Michael

    I never noticed before how much these aliens resemble naughty bits.

  • Anonymous

    At first glance, my brain tried mighty hard to shoehorn in something naughty.   It was almost a bit disconcerting when I realized it was one of the alien things.

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