A Message of Equality from Young Students in the South January 15, 2012

A Message of Equality from Young Students in the South

The first thing you should know about this video is that it comes from a school in Alabama.

The second thing you should know about this video is that it comes from a middle school in Alabama.

Regarding religion, there are signs that say “I’m a Christian,” “I’m a Mormon,” “I’m Saved,” and “I’m God’s child and Jesus’s friend.”

But there’s also a sign reading “I’m an atheist” at the 2:52 mark.

Makes you feel optimistic about the future when students that young can find people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, classes, belief systems, etc. and point out that, ultimately, we’re all equal.

If only they would continue acting that way as they get older…

(Thanks to Kenneth for the link!)

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  • Anonymous

    Not bad. I’m glad that “atheist” was spelled right.

    You know, if we didn’t have religion masquerading as politics, it would be easier to all get along.

  • Expressions of diverse solidarity always tug at my heart  strings. What a quietly beautiful way of making a profound yet simple point. I sincerely wish people would realize this, and be kinder to one another.

  • Mary Lynne Schuster

    I thought it was very inspiring.  I’m proud of our kids.  There is hope yet.  

    Also, if you see the word “human” over and over again it doesn’t look like a real word anymore. 

  • That was really nicely done.

    If only they would continue acting that way as they get older…

    Many will. “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”

    Things are changing, perhaps both faster than we hope, and faster than we fear.

  • That was worth every last second of the 9:14. Awww jeez, where’s the kleenex?

  • Annie

    I can’t stop crying…  these kids shared their deepest selves in this video… beautiful!

  • I… wooo that was neat.

  • Christians to protest the ad in 3..2..

  • Sven Hesse

    “Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may
    contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music


  • Sliperslap

    This comment goes against the very point that the video is trying to make.  Surely you meant this comment to be ironic…

  • Anonymous

    Very nice. I especially like that they don’t only present happy or non-controversial characteristics, but rather show the kids as three dimensional, with complexities and problems.
    I do think a sign saying “I am gay” (or lesbian, bi, trans) would have been nice, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t omit it on purpose.

  • Deven Kale

    I haven’t cried out of hope for a very long time. I thought it was no longer possible for me to get that hopeful. Thank you for posting this.

  • gsw

    The “I am lazy guy” having someone else hold his sign – like it!

  • Tom Coward

    I am constantly amazed by young people. Because of things like this, I remain optimistic about our future.

  • Anonymous

    These kids are probably no older than 13. I’m not sure if they need to define any specific sexual identity for themselves as of yet.

  • justme

    I live near there and I am happy they put this video out, but I am also in fear for the teachers, kids, and others knowing the area as I do. Let’s see how this plays out before we get too excited.

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