If Religious Athletes Were Honest… January 13, 2012

If Religious Athletes Were Honest…

Or: “Things Tim Tebow will never say.”

(via the New Yorker — Thanks to Janice for the link!)

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  • Sami Hawkins

    When I went to a public school in Texas our teachers would lead the whole school in prayer and the coach would have the team take a knee and pray before our football games. I always thought it was weird we prayed for the big guy to watch over our team but never said a word for the other team.

    PS: It’s sad how many times I’ve brought up that anecdote and been called a liar by people who insist atheists are just being whiny and don’t have any real problems.

  • Gore Kristian

    FYI my take on this was funnier. 
    Just saying.

  • Drew Bentley

    LeBron James was honest after losing the Finals last summer, when he said the good lord clearly indicated it wasn’t his time yet to win a ring.  😉

    I’m so sick of the media’s love affair about Tim Tebow, no one would be praising his religiousness if he were a Muslim and rolling out his carpet instead of kneeling to pray.

  • MW

    Interesting point. Is there any record of Tim ever saying a sweet ‘lil prayer for the opposing team?

  • godless film critic

     The cartoonist made his point in less than one second, owing to the nature of the medium. You took 37 seconds to make your point…but the video was 2:59  minutes long. Once your point was made, you should have left it there. It wasn’t funny in the least.
    Just saying.

  • Tom

    The “pray to win” part isn’t what bothers me.  What bothers me is still evident in this cartoon: the arrogance of the assumption that the all-powerful creator of the universe, if such a thing existed, would give even half a shit about your silly little game.  “Thanks for the win, god!” and “it’s your fault we lost, god!” are two sides of the same coin.

    I mean, hell, if I was enough of an arrogant, self-centered jackass that I honestly believed that some omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent figure had any interest in my day-to-day life I’d ask for stuff all the time.  Why not?  But, see, I’m not that particular kind of arrogant, self-centered jackass.

  • Anonymous
  • Liz Heywood

    That kind of situation is when you learn to say “GODDAMMIT.” Man up already, Tebow.

  • Winto_bungle

    you mentioned the words yourself – omniscient and omnipotent.

    i think the idea is that he can do small insignificant things like help tebow AND ignore the children dying in africa, wars, disease and north korea at the same time.

  • Tom

    Well sure he can, he’s omnipotent.  He can be any kind of asshole he wants.

    It does all come down to how most people rate the importance of different things.  Bunch of dudes throwing a ball around for a few hours: most important thing ever!!!!!!!!  Children dying of poverty: wait, how do you pronounce that country?  What?  That’s not a real place!  Namibia.  You’re hilarious.  Now shut up, the Apprentice is on.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Maybe I just don’t remember because in 1986 I was only 16 years old but I truly don’t remember football players praying or pointing a finger towards the sky every time they scored.

    If they did, please tell me so but as one that was born a Redskins fan I simply don’t remember this sort of activity happening in the 80’s.

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