Anything But an Atheist! (Part 2) January 12, 2012

Anything But an Atheist! (Part 2)

Back in July, GenerationXeroFilms made a powerful video documenting clip after clip of people arguing that atheists were the scum of the earth.

Unfortunately, he’s now back with Part 2. It’s unfortunate only because it suggests there were so many clips he couldn’t get in the first video that a second one had to be made.

But if you need any motivation for being an outspoken activist, this is it.

(Thanks to Brian for the link!)

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  • MariaO

    He is probably less know on your side of the pond, but yuo can add Fredrik Reinfeldt to reasonably well-known and useful atheists. He is the prime minister of Sweden and the leader of the “conservative” party – in quotes, as conservative means something completely different here compared to over there.

  • Tom

    The previous video was powerful and effective, but – and I hate to be critical – this one feels like they’re stretching to find people who say stupid, ignorant things.

    I’m biased, though, because as much as I liked the first video I’m of the opinion that this sort of melodramatic, “woe is me” message isn’t what we should be putting out.  When atheism comes up I don’t feel compelled to bring up famous atheists to defend it as a concept because, and forgive my self-indulgence here, my actions speak for themselves.  I am a living, breathing example of a good, moral atheist and when people find out that I am an atheist, people I’ve known and worked with for awhile, that’s when they step back and start to reevaluate their assumptions.

    I suppose my point is this: we know that atheists are maligned and we know that there are many atheists who have contributed greatly to our society but trotting them out to a sad melody interspersed with small minded people being bigots isn’t going to do nearly as much good as being a decent, amiable, hard-working and good person who, oh yeah, by the way, is an atheist.

  • banana slug

    OK, this actually has nothing to do with the actual topic, but has anyone watched this video with the captions on?  At about 5:22 the people say something like “??? like a nice place to live,” which gets translated as “minorities at nice wasted tank”

  • Icaarus

    To the rabbi and preist who said “I have atheist friends” I call bull $#!^

  • Kn1ght

    I agree 100 % and I’m a Christian.  Same can be said for every religion, faith and belief.

  • Silo Mowbray

    Yes, suspiciously like “Some of my best friends are [gay|black|hispanic|asian]…” which apparently gives one license to tell a [fag|negro|spic|chink] joke without getting one’s ass kicked.

    I wonder what pejorative term the fundies are going to come up with for atheists? ‘Godless’ comes across as a compliment to me. 🙂

  • Steve

    Beautifully done! I have listened to comments like this my whole life and I still quietly ask myself ‘how can they believe that?’ I found out when I was 8 I was half-Jewish… My grandfather lived in terror the Klan would find out about us. Of course we didn’t practice. We couldn’t even talk about it. I can understand the people who are afraid to come out as atheists. And living in a town where it is decidedly unusual to find out that someone I know doesn’t believe, makes it hard to be really out. 

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