Terrell Suggs Speaks His Mind About Tim Tebow January 4, 2012

Terrell Suggs Speaks His Mind About Tim Tebow

Quarterback Tim Tebow gets so much positive press about his faith that it’s a news story when someone finally calls him out on it. But I’ll admit it’s pretty entertaining to hear Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs trash talk Tebow’s displays of faith:

Terrell Suggs

Asked by Skip Bayless for his take on Tebow, Suggs said, “He’s all right. He’s all right. Come on now, let’s be honest, Skip. I can put up the numbers he was [putting up]. It’s all about numbers, baby. Give me a shot. Let’s see what we can do, create my own offense and hopefully my kicker can nail a 62-yarder to bail me out a few times, Jesus shows up.”

Suggs added, “That boy be praying on the sidelines, boy. I don’t feel comfortable [if] I’ve got to pray every fourth quarter like, ‘Oh my God, please come save me again.’ Let’s just go out there and win the game.”

Suggs then took a shot at Tebow’s religious persona. “With all due respect, we don’t pray on the sideline,” he said. “We do — we give it up to God to keep us safe and healthy. When our quarterback prays, he’s like, ‘God, sit on the couch and enjoy this. Thank you for blessing me and letting me wake up and play this game. I’m going to impress you.'”

It’s possible the Ravens could meet the Broncos in the AFC Championship game, but that’d require Tebow to lead his team pass Pittsburgh and New England… and that won’t happen. (***Edit***: Reader Jasen correctly points out that the Ravens and Broncos could also meet in the 2nd round if Cincinnati beats Houston.)

God always seems to side with the damn Patriots…

(Thanks to Robert for the link!)

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  • As a Steeler fan I am supposed to hate Suggs, but he amuses me and generally backs up his talk. However, though spot on about Tebow he seems to conveniently forget his own teammate, Ray Lewis, who is almost obnoxious regarding god as Tebow.

  • Jasen

    They could also meet in the 2nd round if Cincinnati beats Houston.

  • Anonymous

    “When our quarterback prays, he’s like, ‘God, sit on the couch and enjoy this.”lmao. American culture really is drowning is this nonsense, isn’t it?

  • NewEnglandBob

    God always seems to side with the damn Patriots…”

    Not true at all.

    There is no god.

  • Anonymous

    I’m Australian, so you’ll have to forgive a foreigner for his ignornace, but can someone explan why this Tebow guy is so great? From what I gather, he scribbles bible verses under his eyes and he plays well. This then somehow translates into an argument for the existance of god?

  • Rich Wilson

    Football (like most pro sports) is just another religion in America.  We even have the high school and college denominations.

  • Jeff

    He’s not great at all, he sucks for 4 quarters, then pulls a win out of his ass in the last 5 minutes. The buzz around him will die down after this season, when the novelty wears off and he has to carry a football team for a full year.

  • Hemant

    Thanks for that. I’ve edited the post.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t follow pro football anymore, but this is refreshing. good on this QB. i was an athlete, and it would’ve annoyed me greatly to hear religious babble before every serve or at the starting line or whatever. i mean, i grok someone falling to their knees and saying, “oh thank gawd, i won!” but the formalized praying crap is just ridiculous. embarrassing. 

  • BatDaddy

    What’s even funnier is that Yahoo ran this story yesterday – and barely used any of the quotes you see here. Basically if you read their version, Suggs just outright attacked Tebow and god – stating “we don’t need God on our side.” I figured it had to at least be somewhat taken out of context, but wow, was it ever.

  • monyNH

    But if there were…he/she’d be Patriots all the way.    😉

  • Jr 8brewcrew

    Ill pray for u suggs we all need the good lord weather it b on a football field or in the real world your comments were offending to all believers in christ

  • Alan E.

    The beat part of the article was this question:

    So, would Suggs rather have Joe Flacco or Tebow as his quarterback?

    “Are you kidding me? Why don’t you like my quarterback, Skip? Is it his mustache? Is it his eyebrows? Is it because Tim Tebow is prettier?” Suggs said. “I understand you’ve got your man crush but you can’t force that on the rest of us. We here in Baltimore, we’ve got a quarterback that fits our personality. … I love the kid. He plays football. He’s my quarterback. I stand by him. And I love him on the sidelines with the ice in his veins. I just feel awesome about him.”

  • walkamungus

    Of course, Ray Lewis is a great linebacker with many achievements to his credit, including multiple Pro Bowls. He may be obnoxious about god, but at least when he steps on the field you don’t think, “Sh!t, what’s gonna go wrong this time?” 

  • walkamungus

    Except god tossed the Giants at them in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago…

  • NewEnglandBob

    If there were a god, it wouldn’t favor the Giants either.

  • Sally Ware

    I don’t watch much myself but as my husband puts it, “the other team falls apart in the 4th quarter OR Tebow’s TEAM does all the work…Tebowing gets the credit for it all.”

  • I love T-Sizzle. Excellent player and hilarious person.

    This reminds me of fellow Baltimore legend Earl Weaver (Hall of Fame manager for the Baltimore Orioles) who when Orioles outfielder Pat Kelly told Earl “Earl, it’s great to walk with the Lord, it’s great to walk with
    Jesus” and Earl responded, “I’d rather you walk with the bases loaded.” It wouldn’t shock me if he really said “I’d rather you fucking walk with the fucking bases loaded.”

  • Brian Macker

    Well he’s the guy who called on the big guy to throw the game.   He should get the credit.   I hope that he’s giving God at least some of all the football pools he’s winning by getting these games thrown.   Obviously the smart money is not on Tebow without God having his thumb on the scales.   If he’s not betting on the games then I have no clue why he’s having them fixed.   One would think that sportsman like conduct would require him not to load the dice in his favor this way.

  • Lisa


  • Baily

    Okay Loser! Tim Tebow is one true Christian!! You need to be!!! Tim if you read this I love and thank you for sticking up for Jesus!!! I will be pulling for you on Sanurday!! Me and my sister will be on our knees PRAYING YOu Will Win!!! But since you have Jesus in your heart YOUR THE REAL WINNER!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Ashley

    Okay first of all Jesus is real And even tho the pats seem to win That means its Gods will. Tim will tell you the same thing. TIM TEBOW is the best about what he does. JESUS CHRIST IS REAL!!!!!!  GO TIM TEBOW  I LOVE YOU!!!!!! FOR LOVING JESUS!!!!!!!

  • Rich Wilson

    Wait, are you Baily or Lisa?  Just trying to get the Poe’s straight here.

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