A Christian Version of ‘My Humps’ January 3, 2012

A Christian Version of ‘My Humps’

***Update***: It’s a Poe. Nicely done, Manka Bros.

It’s exactly as bad as you think it’s going to be.

And it starts with these lyrics:

Whatchu gonna do with atheists? All those pagan atheists?

I’m gonna set set set them free. Make them Christian just like me.

My jaw. It hurts from dropping so far…

(Thanks to pleomorphic for the link)

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  • Beckyg

    Isn’t ‘pagan atheist’ an oxymoron?

  • “Pagan (noun):  A person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.”

    First line and they’ve already screwed up?  Things can only get better from there, right?

  • Ashley Will

    My husband and I are embarrassed for them. It hurts to watch.

  • Levi Tooker

    I thought this one was already determined to be a Poe.

  • I have this hunch these two kids will be atheists before they’re 24 years old, and this video will be very embarrassing for them long before that.  Maybe wishful thinking, but just a hunch.

  • Mike

    I think you’re right. I saw another video they did a while back, and the general consensus was that these are purposefully bad.

  • A ‘bovine idiot’ is an oxy moron

  • Bob

    I can imagine the glee in the eyes of their parents behind the camera.  Yuk.

  • Rich Wilson

    As is “godless heathen” IMO.

  • Hey look!!! Future republicans!

  • John Smith


    (Please be a Poe… please)

  • Don’t make fun of the dumb cow, he tastes delicious.
    Though come to think of it, so do buffalo, even though Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Poor Buffalo buffalo, I wish I could buffalo the Buffalo buffalo that buffaloed you.

  • cdub
  • Sean Wills

    I got about five seconds into this before I had to stop watching. CRINGE. CRINGE FOREVER.

    (Also I sincerely hope this is a hoax.)

  • cdub
  • Kayler

    Holy crap.

  • Anonymous

    Black Eyed Peas already did a theme song for Evangelicals – it’s called ‘get stupid’.

  • Ryan Moran

    Clearly Alanis Morissette has already done the definitive version of “My Humps”…

  • Updated. Thanks!

  • cheese wedge

    Thank jeebus.  Wait…

  • I’ts a Poe? Oh, that is very good to hear!

  • Finding this post after it was Updated with the info that it’s a Poe, I actually found it funny. I doubt I would have if I didn’t know it was a Poe.

  • Jess

    Reminds me of church camp, all the little drones trying to one up each other in the “I’m More Holy Than Thou” game. Later that evening, half of them went on panty raids and the other half snuck out to visit the clandestine chronic plantation that one of the camp’s owners had tucked away in the woods.

  • Isn’t it scary how hard it is to tell this and others of its ilk from the “real” thing. I’m sure I saw a quote somewhere along the lines of it being impossible to parody fundies because you could never come up with anything that was implausible.

  • Anonymous

    kewl i am a pagan now! 

  • Anonymous

    This fellah provided no evidence to back up his poe allegation. I, for one, am still (partially) convinced these kids are serious. Their sample video with them stiffly mouthing lines hints at a potential parody, but not quite enuf. The other weird video taken in the same room is not quite complete evidence.

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