On NYE Broadcast, Cee Lo Green Sings “Imagine” With Line “And All Religion’s True” January 1, 2012

On NYE Broadcast, Cee Lo Green Sings “Imagine” With Line “And All Religion’s True”

In case you missed NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly, then you missed Cee Lo Green singing a rendition of John Lennon‘s “Imagine.” Normally, the song goes like this:

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too

But this is how Cee Lo sang it:

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And all religion’s true

You can see the video here (at the 0:58 mark):

I wish I knew how to respond…

If only there was a song that perfectly captured how I’m feeling right now…

Oh. Right.

Incidentally, David Archuleta left those lyrics out entirely when he sang the song on American Idol back in 2008.

***Update***: Cee Lo is already doing damage control on Twitter:

Yo I meant no disrespect by changing the lyric guys! I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that’s all

Says the same guy who sang “Imagine no possessions” while wearing a fur coat and sporting gaudy gold jewelry…

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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  • Fuck you, Cee Lo. Fuck you.

  • Worse, his singing sucked.

  • Cutencrunchy

    I’m okay with it – I think including them all nullifies them and looks to the larger picture. We are all looking for answers and peace and love etc while 99% are misdirected this feels inclusive not even particularly theistic.

  • Flawedprefect

    Forget him. Oh wait… Those aren’t the words to his song either.

  • Abfackeln99

    The Estate of the late John Lennon should sue! Greenobviously did not sing the song written by John Lennon, therefore the song that was sung was of his own devising and was obviously substantially plagiarised from the copyrighted work of John Lennon!!! Sue the bastard’s ass off!!!!!!

  • He must’ve heard lots real quick, he tried a damage-control Tweet:

    “Yo I meant no disrespect by changing the lyric guys! I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that’s all”

    Guess starting the song with “Imagine there’s no Heaven” kinda negates that excuse.

  • I’m not. It flies right in the face of what John Lennon was trying to say in his song. Changing his words is like a spit in the face of his corpse, and everybody who knew and loved him.

    Cee-Lo Green: Fuck you.

  • Meganfluevog


  • guest

    I agree with you. His singing is embarrassing… isn’t he a judge on “The Voice?” Gross. 

  • Amanda

    I think it’s at least a little better than another version I’ve heard before, in which the words were changed to, “…and ONE religion, too.”  But only a little better.  Either change shows that, clearly, the people changing the lyrics don’t get the message of the song.

  • Anonymous

    Back when I was a Christian, I used to change the words to my favorite songs, probably for the same reason he did. There’s some things you can’t bring yourself to vocalize. Christians do this with the Bible too. Change verses, leave out the bad stuff, etc..

  • Andrew Morgan

    Awesome!  This appears in my List of Things I Don’t Care About Because I Was Too Busy Living My Life, Volume 12.

  • Atoswald

    From a man that would tattoo a cross on his face, I am not surprised. Happy New Year anyway!

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck is Cee-Lo Green?  I mean, I saw the thing, but, who the fuck is he? Everyone’s acting like he’s some big name???

  • PodFather

    I guess that the question mark tattooed on the side of his face is because he doesn’t have a clue

  • nightwolf

    Exactly. It is just one more attempt to foist religion on everyone. Green comes from a family of ordained ministers. All that brainwashing starts coming out later in the worst sort of ways and tonight Green performed in the worst sort of way. He should never be allowed to publicly perform another Lennon song and legal actions should be taken for that travesty
    in Time Square.

  • Inside the Skull

    I’m confused. If all religions are true, which prophet do I follow? The con-man who read gold plates out of a hat and tried to implement a theocracy? The delusional crackpot pedophile who expelled Jews out of Medina and murdered women/children? The magical carpenter who probably didn’t exist?


  • Anonymous

    lol @ the idea of all religions being true. Embarrassing rewrite.

  • Mortisha

    This is SO WRONG! You wonder why free thinkers are so vocal with their rights being violated… this IDIOT is one reason why!! He took not only the intellectual property of Lennon’s and made it his rubbish but stole the whole meaning of the song to push his TERRORISTIC RELIGIOUS BULL SHIT on the world… as usual with a NO BRAIN HAVING SHEEP! Hell with our freedoms right?? We get called bigots as you play with your imaginary friends & destroy the world… YOU ARE PATHETIC!!

  • anonymous

    Wow- taking someone else’s song and twisting the lyrics to mean literally the complete opposite of what they originally said. Classy.

  • Come now, so he changed the lyrics a bit to suit his world view. We skeptics should know better than to spew so much indignation over this. The last thing we need is to start behaving jingoistic like the religious do. I am not saying its not alright for us to criticize him for it. Yes, he deserves some criticism but certainly not the charge of churning out “TERRORISTIC RELIGIOUS BULL SHIT”. 

  • Joemega20

    if you didn’t want to say the line sing a different song

  • Brandon

    I was watching this live and I realized what he did as soon as he said it. As an Atheist and a huge Beatles Fan and with John Lennon being my favorite person in general, I was pretty mad when I was listening. So my message to cee-lo, his own words, FUCK YOU!

  • There are probably better things to be upset about. For example, the actual performance of the song. I’m growing more and more inclined to think that nobody but John Lennon can actually do this song justice, and thus covering it should probably be banned.

  • Ain’t you special, then.

  • I knew something like this was going to happen the minute he started singing. No surprise there, but I’m still angry.

  • Ceelogreensucksdick

    cee lo can suck a dick

  • Charles Black

    Congratulations Cee Lo you sir have just mangled a song by the great John Lennon. He must be rolling in his grave as I speak.

  • Mikemead

    Cee lo – I never heard of you before today, but now you are a famous arsehole! Who the fuck do you think you are, changing the words of one of the best songs of all time, just to fit in with your ignorant superstitious beliefs?

    Fuck you, fuck you, you miserable piece of shit!

  • my response:

    @CeeLoGreen I see you messing around with the lyrics I love and I’m like, fuck you! patheos.com/blogs/friendly… And fuck church too.

  • Mikemead

    Fuck you too!

  • You know, complaining about Cee-Lo changing the lyrics to “Imagine” is a little hypocritical considering that the FFRF’s changing of the lyrics of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” didn’t get a complaint (
    http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2011/12/22/ffrf-places-full-page-ad-in-the-new-york-times/). Cee-Lo’s a Christian; anyone who’s listened to his music will know this. I’m an atheist, and Cee-Lo’s changing the lyric didn’t bother me, because I’d rather him change it to something he can say earnestly than to keep the lyrics as it is and sing something false to himself. Look, if you want to listen to John Lennon doing “Imagine”, listen to John Lennon doing “Imagine”. 

  • What FFRF did was create an obvious parody.

    Cee Lo passed it off as if he were singing the original song but subtlety changed one of the lines. That’s not at all like what FFRF did.

  • Anonymous

    a world where all religion is true (based on his tweet to mean where everything can believe what they want and thinks it’s true regardless of facts)  is one with everything to kill or die for, am i right?  changing song lyrics isn’t generally a great idea.  either appreciate the voice of the author/artist and the context even though you may disagree or just leave the song alone!

  • Wotan Anubis

    Wait… in a world where all religion is true, does that include religions hardly anyone believes in any more? Does it include religions that everyone considers fictional?

    In short, in a world where all religion is true, what are the odds of Chtulhu existing as well?

  • I hadn’t read this post yet, so when I heard him sing that line on TV, I did a double take: “Wait. What the heck did he just say??” That really pissed me off. One minute and twelve seconds before 2012, and that jerk has to remind me of the kind of lying, self-serving, self-righteous, self-entitled BULLSHIT that I’ll have to keep fighting next year. Okay, I’m resolved.

  • Regardless of intent, it is unacceptable (and, in the theater world, illegal) to knowingly change another’s work in performance.

  • So Low Green

    It should be possible for artists to place covenants on their copywritten material. Something that would survive their death and prohibit use for advertising and bastardization such as we witnessed tonight.

  • Noel below us.

  • Robert

    I happen to think Cee Lo is a brilliant artist, only now, among his brilliant work there’s this one particularly silly choice in a cover song he did.

    That’s really all there is to it. People (performers) change the lyrics to famous songs every day. Some for better, some for worse. Johnny Cash changed “shit” to “thorns” in Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt” probably for Christian reasons. His version is the definitive version of that song (not because of that change mind you).

    Now, Cee-Lo’s change goes against the spirit of Lennon’s lyrics, but each performer needs to interpret the song their way, otherwise it’s just someone trying to imitate someone else. So Cee-Lo interpreted the song his way. His interpretation sucks, but it won’t prevent me from enjoying a lot of his stuff.

  • Robert

    I don’t understand this attitude wrt music at all. This happens in almost every cover song anyone does. And when it doesn’t, usually that’s a sign of a bad cover.

  • Iseeorangepeople

    For some reason this guy get a lot more ‘fuck you’s. and totally pissed off comments that anything I’ve seen here in a long time. Seems I’m not the only one really liking this song…

    Happy New Year anyway

  • geo

    > imagine no possesions

    He was singing this in an expensive fur coat and probably had his usual “to show off all my money” diamond ear rings. If he was doing a parody of Imagine, then well done.

  • Veitch57

    //Yo I meant no disrespect by changing the lyric guys! I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that’s all// have not thought that through huh? if person X wants to believe that mass murder is a good thing, that is ok with you? all religion true? what, ripping beating hearts out of virgins to sacrifice to the sun god is just fine? Think before you “sing” IMHO .

  • You obviously DO care because you took the time to respond about it here.

  • This:

    Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And all religion’s true

    is blasphemy and sacrilege.

  • *eyetwitch*

  • Ozzy could do it. But only because he’s Ozzy. (Not to mention he’s covered a few of John Lennon’s songs already — “In My Life”, “Woman”, “Working Class Hero”, and “How?”)

  • n00blet

    It’s a cover, pretty much the definition of imitating someone else. If an artist wants to reinterpret a song, they should write a new song not disingenuously change an iconic line to practially invert its original meaning. Reinterpretation is more than just changing a line you don’t like.

  • Anonymous

    Cee Lo, not happy enough shitting on John Lennon’s memory, is being quite the active asshole on twitter too.

    How very interesting, I just went back to his twitter to retrieve some gems (eg. “Believing in nothing is still believing in something and more “fuck you’s” than you could shake a stick at) but they have been magically removed from the record. Looks like Cee Lo is feeling the heat.

    Pity. I really like the “Fuck You” song. I hope finding out the singer is a complete idiot doesn’t ruin it. Happy New Year, everyone!

  • Anonymous

    A world where all religion is true is entirely impossible, even if you are religious. Most religions either don’t account for or (in every monotheistic religion) outright reject the notions of other gods. That’s of course leaving aside mutually exclusive versions of creation, prophets, history and rules.

    There is no scenario where “all religion’s true” is a coherent sentence. All religions cannot be true. His explanation of “everyone could believe what they wanted” does not follow from the sentence. He should have (had he had the, erm, Imagination) gone with “and one religions’ true” which, while detestable, at least makes some sort of sense.

  • Richard = awesome when he gets mad.

  • Steven Olsen

    Cee Lo has now deleted all his responses to criticism.

  • Look, it doesn’t go against the spirit of the song to change the lyrics this way – it’s still a hopeful, hippiesque song about a better future, although now it’s a future with religions. It’s still way better than the ‘and one religion too’ change – it’s obvious that Cee-Lo didn’t mean any disrespect, and I honestly think that the rage directed at him is totally misspent. I mean, you are raging against a man who changed the song so that the meaning now is that the future has harmony between faiths, which is hardly a dick thing to say for someone of faith. 

  • Newavocation

    Interesting, the question mark on his face, all religions true. He sounds like a Unitarian Universalist.

  • jjramsey

    Wait, isn’t blasphemy supposed to be a victimless crime?

  • Rthepoet

    I heard the song last night and was outraged but I feel better this morning after seeing online that…I am not the only one…who was pissed off. I wonder how Yoko feels about it.

  • Hell if I know, I just know that … that … was extremely disrespectful.

  • And by “that” I mean the change to the lyrics.

  • not nice

  • Religion is the problem

  • jjramsey

    I can think of cases where wishing someone would shove something up one’s rear would be a more-or-less appropriate response: someone saying the Holocaust wasn’t that bad, someone caricaturing black men as wannabe satyrs lusting after white women, or someone using claiming that the only rightful places for women are the kitchen and the bedroom.

    Someone modifying the lyrics to a cover to better suit himself? No, that’s not one of those cases.

  • M Tumid

    this moron might as well cover the great Beatles’ classic – All You Need Is Hate

  • Anonymous

    You take that back! I’m a member of a UU church AND an atheist, as are many members, and I am thoroughly disgusted with this person (whose name I never heard before) mutilating John Lennon’s beautiful song.

  • It is interesting that he was OK with singing “Imagine there’s no heaven”, “above us only sky”, and “living only for today” but he change the one lyric that mentioned the word “religion”.
    Most evangelicals I know (and I know a few) like to say that they are not religious, they have a personal relationship with Christ.  These evangelicals would probably ne OK with leaving in “no religion too” but would want to change those other lines. 
    For most religions to have any meaning, there has to be a heaven, there has to be something above us other than sky, and there has to be something to live for other than just “today”.  Cee Lo has a strange version of religion where notions of an afterlife or the supernatural are not important but there being religion or any religion or all religion is very important.  I guess in his defense, if people recognized the legitimacy of all religions, then the significance of any one particular religion would be minimized to inconsequence and therefore there would be no reason to kill anyone for believing different things.  If that was his intended meaning, then I’m OK with it.  If he was sincerely implying that all religions could be true and really meaningful, then his personal theology is a bit incomprehensible. 
    It would be like having the following lyrics:
    Imagine there’s no countriesIt isn’t hard to doNothing to kill or die forAnd all scripture saying to kill infidels are true
    And all things made up by man are true
    And all logically contradicting propositions are true

  • Agentmaxsmart

    Did Cee Lo remove that Twitter comment, because I don’t see it. I wanted to respond by asking him a question. How could his meaning of the line “And all religion’s true” mean that people could believe in what they want, including not believing in any religion, which is the meaning of the song in the first place? What a dumb bastard.

  • It DOES go against the spirit of the song, though.  The opening line of that verse challenges the listener to “imagine there’s no country”.  It doesn’t say “Imagine we fixed our country,” it dares you to imagine a world that doesn’t even have these institutions to begin with.  The same with the line changed by Cee Lo: The song is asking the listener to question some of their core assumptions about how society functions.

    I agree Imagine is not an inherently anti-religious song.  But the challenge to imagine a world in which instutitions we take for granted are not just “made better”, but instead don’t even exist… well, that’s pretty inherent to the song, I think.

  • ACN

    Have you ever carefully listened to the lyrics of imagine?

    He took a provocative, countercultural, and sare I say, marxist, anthem and turned it into conformity. The lyrical change is utterly incoherent with the song’s theme.

  • ACN

    If ceelo had parodied imagine by taking the music and arranging new lyrics, perhaps mocking lennon for his hypocrisy in playing ‘the game’ of the materialist society without really trying for revolution, i would ship major props.

    It would also be a strange choice for a public new year’s celebration. But imagine is already a pretty strage choice, most people like the tune, don’t really think about the lyrics, and play it in inappropriate or strange circumstances anyway.

    What i’m against is inserting subtley antithetical ideas into a song during a public performance. I’m also thoroughly amused that he left the ‘no country’ and ‘no possessions’ bits. No religion? That’s clearly too offensive, but actively wishing for the dissolution of the state and the capitalism that underlies it? Everyone should be fine with that.

  • Timothy Kersting
  • There’s an amazing amount of butt hurt going on here. Cee Lo sang a song. He changed a few words. “Imagine” isn’t a religious text for non-believers.

    I find the concept of all religions being true ridiculous, but great googly mooglies – take a chill pill folks.

  • Nordog

    If they paid the royalty, the suits don’t care.

  • Nordog

    And all this time I thought there were no sacred cows in atheism.

  • Then he should have just picked another song that was in accord with his views instead of doing a reno on Lennon’s song.

  • Mickey G-O

    I’m actually surprised by the malice in some of these comments. If I didn’t know better I’d think I was reading comments from Christians about Jessica Ahlquist. Dear fellow atheists, please put this incident in perspective! He’s just an entertainer! He’s not a skilled activist or even mildly learned historian. It’s obvious where he was going with the changed lyrics, which is probably a huge personal step from the church beliefs he grew up with. To over-interpret his intentions is just silly.  He’s not that complicated a fellow and the change in the lyric wasn’t a non-sequitur: he definitely didn’t understand the original meaning of Lennon’s lyrics.  Thank your lucky stars he didn’t try to sample the song or change the tempo. And forgive the man for wearing that hairy coat–I’ll bet Lady Gaga wishes she’d had that on instead of the skimpy Versace and huge face mask she was wearing out in the cold last night in Time Square!

  • He appears to have removed all the Twitter comments related to this.  HuffPo has a bunch of screen captures if you search for it.

  • David M!

    Talk about missing the fucking point. What’s next for Mr. Lo … finding the nice slave owners in Roots?

  • Says the same guy who sang “Imagine no possessions” while wearing a fur coat and sporting gaudy gold jewelry…

    Of course, if I may echo Christopher Hitchens, the line “imagine no possessions” was written by a millionaire.

  • Dude… it’s a song. In The Voice, Xenia also sang Breakeven as “I’m still alive but I’m barely breathen – just prayed to a god that I do believe in”. It annoyed me at first, but then I realized that people do this all the time.

    People re-write famous songs to their own image all the time. Remember “imagine there’s no pizza…” by a certain politician? I do agree that we should take the song back immediately (and who knows, remix a few others), but there’s no reason for all the hate in the forums over this.

  • Michael Nugent

    Cee Lo was wrong to subvert the song at a public event for all citizens, rather than at an event for his own fans or for a religious audience. Also, Imagine was the wrong choice of song for a public event that should have been secular, promoting neither religion nor atheism.

  • Tim D.

    There’s just something about this that seems very non-issue to me….maybe it’s just because I’m a musician myself, but I see nothing wrong with altering lyrics slightly. I do it all the time if I’m playing a song and I can’t remember the words exactly, and other times I might even do it on purpose (for example, my old band did a cover of Sonseed’s “Jesus Is My Friend” with the lyrics slightly changed to be about being raped by Jesus, mostly just for an inside joke and shock value amongst our circle of friends, and partially just to point out how little you actually have to change that song to make it creepy). Yeah, it might piss off fans of the original, but that’s really just a matter of personal taste as some people might actually think it’s better or funnier or more relevant after the changes. There are some “altered” songs I like better than the original.

    I’m not saying anyone’s wrong for not liking this — more power to ya, as I don’t like it either — but there’s nothing morally reprehensible about what Cee Lo did. He just changed the lyrics to a song. Perfectly legal, perfectly normal in the music community. Whether or not it’s a religious tune, I’ve never in all my life been made aware of any sort of code of conduct amongst musicians that says you can’t change a song to be about something that it wasn’t intended to be about. Bands like Dead Kennedys used to do it all the time. It’s ultimately up to personal taste as to whether or not you like it after the changes. Which is fine, voice your opinion, but to act as if there is something inherently morally reprehensible about changing lyrics just because you disagree with them is a bit intellectually dishonest, I think.

  • Wendel

    I kind of like it, there’s no reason to be hostile unless you’re a huge Lennon fan. And from an atheist pov its an atheist friendly re-write.

    Imagine a world where religion is true? Ha that must be some really messed up alternate universe.

  • EJC

    That is WAY off the mark Ed.

    “Imagine” someone taking a copy of Romeo and Juliet and “changing”  a few stanzas so Romeo and Juliet end up not dying.

    Kinda fucks over the author’s version and statement don’t ya think? 

    The biggest and most insulting issue here is the insult to Lennon. He wrote something that was meant to convey the exact opposite of what that fat hack did to it last night.

    THAT is fucked up.

  • EJC

    Little Bethlemhem is a public domain song. Imagine is not.

    Big big difference.

  • Strick931tn

    Atheists are looking like some bitches right now! Dude did a boneheaded ad lib, who gives a major fuck? A small fuck I can understand, say “That was wack.” and keep it moving.

    Some of y’all are acting like he murdered Christopher Hitchens or some shit!! 😛

  • He IS a very big name here in the UK and Europe, don’t know if he’s big in his home country though – he’s American.

  • I’m annoyed, of course.  Atheists don’t get a whole lot of good “hymns” as it were, and Imagine is one of the best ones.  To hear its lyrics altered to suit the agenda of the singer seems at best cowardly and at worst intentionally disrespectful.

    Back when I was in high school chorus, we did Imagine.  Previous to learning it in chorus, a lot of us had never really read all the lyrics; most of us thought of it as a nice “hippie-esque” tune (as someone above put it).  And boy did a lot of members of the chorus get pissed off at the idea of singing “and no religion too”.  Never mind that we spent the whole rest of the year doing “Gloria in Excelcis Deo”s and God and Jesus and Moses in damn near every song.  Never mind that those of us who didn’t believe in that still sang it the whole rest of the year.  It devolved (in true high-school drama queen fashion) into an angry shouting match during the class period.

    “Guys,”  I tried to say, but was inaudible above the din, “This right here is John Lennon’s point.”

    Ultimately a whole lot of members of chorus just stood with closed mouths while the remaining of us performed the song.

    A bunch of pissed off teenagers could figure out “If the song you’re singing isn’t one with which you agree, your options are: sing it but not mean it, or not sing it.”  How come CeeLo can’t?

    Altering a lyric that way, to me, is like altering Huck Finn, which is a whole other can of worms for another discussion.

  • I find all this hatred somewhat surprising at a simple lyric change, that really isn’t that big a deal. Cee Lo said it’s okay to believe whatever you want, so celebrate his acceptance of diversity in beliefs and stop trying to fight the world over silly little things before you have a heart attack. I actually think he probably did it to get a little controversial publicity in the US for his album, and it’s working a treat…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve read that John Lennon was worth $150 Million when he sang that song about imagining no possessions.  It doesn’t seem he really meant his lyrics.

  • Hey hi, Maine is also my home.  We’re kind of in the Land That Time Forgot so it’s easy to miss out on pop stars and stuff.  But I guess this guy’s a bit of one so there you go.

  • Yeah, I mean, what kind of stuff did he do with his money?  Never, like, gave any to charity or anything, just spent it on fancy cars and blingity-bling-bling.  Since he had possessions when he wrote “Imagine no possessions”, then he totes couldn’t have meant it.

  • Lenny

    he deleted his apology on his twitter

  • Anonymous

    Well then, what did he do with his money?  On a quick search, I found no such philanthropic deeds, though I’m not saying he didn’t do any.  If he did a lot of selfless things with his money, then that is a good thing, but I do find having extravagant possessions to be contradictory to be contradictory to the lyrics in question.

  • spirit2012

    I think if you’re an athiest you should realize that people should believe what they want, particularly if they use it as their own philosophy and don’t impose it on others.  I think that’s what Cee Lo was trying to say – some people rely on religion for strength and are good human beings.  I don’t think Lennon would really argue with that – I’m sure it was all the fighting involved with it, and crimes against humanity that he was referring to – but that’s just my opinion.

  • spirit2012

    it also amuses me that all these nasty comments are made on the “Friendly Athiest” website.  Come on guys!  Must you be as nasty as all the things you’re opposing?

  • Anonymous

    Green BACKPEDALED to say it’s okay to believe whatever you want, but that’s not what his lyric hijack says.  Saying “all religion’s true” puts atheists out in the cold, don’t you think?
    You’re right about the controversy thing, tho — ain’t no such thing as bad publicity.  Makes me suspect this controversy was planned in advance.

  • Arianna

    Guess what, Cee Lo? We ALREADY live in a world where most people believe in some kind of religious tradition. John Lennon was making a revolutionary statement by indicating with his lyric that it would be a better world if we cared about eachother more than we cared about dogma.

    This spineless rewrite is just another example of how everybody wants to be as sensitive as they can to religion, while simultaneously shitting on atheists. We exist, too! We live here, too! And sometimes songs are meaningful in a secular way, without you having to impose more religion on it!

  • Some of the comments here remind me of the theistic “burn in hell” response we get when making the simple claim that god(s) don’t exist. We often like to pat ourselves on the backs for being above wishing people ill-will and lowering ourselves to name-calling for expressing different ideologies, but at the end of the day it appears we can be just as hypocritical.

  • M&M

    As an atheist I don’t think there is anything wrong with someone saying, Imagine all religion’s true. The whole problem with religion, aside from them being man made, is that most people think their own religion is true and all the rest are wrong…hence the cause and perpetuation of hatred and wars. So what that he tweaked the song? Big deal. Get over it. Personally I think it would be easier to have “no religion” in the world rather than for all people to believe that, “all religions” in the world be true. The outcome would be the same though…Peace.

  • Lennon was a fierce supporter of peace and civil rights movements and much of his wealth contributed to furthering these causes especially once he took to the states.  He also had a continuing court proceeding wherein he was to be sent from the country at any given time but had lawyers working to extend the order for his deportation.  Aside from holding considerable wealth in the bank so as not to dry up funds and ignite new campaigns as needed he also gave to various children in poverty charities, disaster relief funds, and human rights organizations.  The Lennon estate now supports the disaster relief organization “Relief Still Required” as well as providing for children in need through “UNICEF”

  • Mike

    I have to point this out. Circa 5:51 he says, “Imagine ALL possessions.”


  • Derper

    I hope you guys understand that Lennon became famous at an astoundingly fast rate. Within 15 years he became an icon within the world at that time. Even if there are no records of philanthropic deeds, he may have had plans to do so.

    Can’t expect a guy to instantly understand what to do when having 150 million dollars.

  • Michael

    Amnesty International receives royalties on Imagine to this day.

  • J Griffin

    I used to do that too.  Now that I’m not a christian, I change the lyrics to old hymns and bible-school songs that pop into my head.  *Way* more fun.

  • BinaryStar

    And what the hell does “butt hurt” mean, anyway? Sounds like a seventh-grade putdown to me.

  • Christopher Franko

    holy shit i thought i was the only one who caught that shit. i was complaining last night about it.

  • I’m not the only one who heard that!  Aha!

  • Sware

    Some posters have stated “fuck you” in reference to Ce Los own song…hard to say whether all of the fuck yous would have been said without the obvious irony that comes with it in this particular instance.

  • “that fat hack” LOL!

  • I think I need to reconsider my position. OZZY IS GOD.

    Sorry abou that whole Atheism thing….

  • MW

    Mmmmmyeah… I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there.

  • Ansonjew

    Cee Lo opened the door.  All musicians are encouraged to tweak anything Cee Lo Green sings to an anti-religion message.

  • Sware

    Absolutley.  Plus if Dawkins, Dennett & Harris ever get together around a mic to sing in front of something as big as a New Years Eve show and sang “How Great Thou Aren’t” there would be death threats.  I find Ce Los lyric change to be downright sad but it should not surprise me coming from a theist.

  • Iggy

    Obviously all religions can’t be true. He was just making a metaphoric statement saying imagine a world where people can believe what they want without fighting over it. I don’t think that’s very far from Lennon’s intent, and I have to wonder at the people heaping hate on Cee Lo for making an artistic choice. Do you think that kind of vitriol is in accord with John Lennon’s values?

  • hehe, watch tromeo and juliet… 

  • TychaBrahe

    You mean Romeo und Julie, by Georg Benda, in which Julie awakens from her drugged sleep just as Romeo is about to stab himself, and Laurenc convinces Julie’s father to say he would accept Romeo in Julie were only still alive?  

  • I know, it’s way easier to imagine all of them being false (because they are).

  • ReleaseTheAtmosphere

    You know what? There are three rules in life people should follow.

    You don’t spit into the wind,
    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape,
    and you DON’T mess with John Lennon’s lyrics. 

    Plain and simple.  

  • XbeingoflightX

    Yes, because it’s very important to fight people who don’t believe in the same things that you do.  Get off your soap box.  I cannot stand militants of any philosophy.  I would venture to guess that you’re the same brand of self-righteous and self-entitled person that he is. =_=

    The way I see it, this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Carl S.

    There’s only one solution to this problem:  I hereby declare an Atheist fatwa against CeeLo.  All good Atheists shall send the following image to CeeLo:  http://flipthatbird.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/jesus-christ-velvet-painting.jpg

  • Freak

    West Side Story has Juliet live.

  • ESC_key

    Slight tangent:
    I seem to remember hearing at some point (and will have to go look it up) that there was a list of songs ‘banned from radio airplay’ for a time directly following the events of 9/11, because of their lyrical content. Perhaps understandably, the song about bodies hitting the floor by some new-metal band was on there. (I don’t think it needed to be banned, but it certainly would have been in poor taste, IMHO, to play that song soon after the tragedy.)
    Interestingly (at least to me when I was younger and didn’t know all the lyrics yet), Lennon’s “Imagine” was on that list too. I didn’t quite understand why a song about people caring for each other and living in the moment should be getting censored during a time when we so desperately needed to be thinking about compassion .

     Looking back on it now, considering how much  of the support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was drummed up by the fundamentalists in my country, I suppose the last thing they–and certainly the government– would have wanted was for the American people to be exposed to the idea of “no religion” as an excellent alternative to the millions of lives lost to religious zeal in this very decade alone. 

    Bearing that in mind, what I like to “Imagine” is the power that song’s message must have carried held for the youth of the world following the catastrophic acts of terrorism carried out by both the Islamic terrorists, and our “Christian” nation. For me, as an example, being 12 at the time of the attacks, I can remember hearing about “Imagine” being pulled from radio stations and wondering why. Then I remember listening again, carefully, to the lyrics and attempting to understand what was really being sung. I then remember realizing how much of the damage being done to my country, and worse, to the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, and to so many other places in the world over so many countless centuries, had been committed either in part or in whole, in the name of one man’s religion over another’s, one nation’s beliefs over another’s, and I remember outrage, disgust. I remember denouncing organized religion as a broken way to handle with the issues of life, and as a deadly tool for bringing about the death and destruction of peoples, of cultures. I remember comfortably describing myself as a strict agnostic, and one decade later at 22, openly atheist. I see atheism and secularism as some of the most invaluable tools for human aid and compassion, because to say there is no god is to say we’re all we’ve got.

    What a powerfully sobering concept to think about, especially in the face of a new year. Thank you, John Lennon, for writing a piece of music that really gets people to think–we truly do not have have enough of that in the world. And sorry for rambling! 

  • Pkl48

    ya  fools dont mess with his lyrics because as he stated  he is more important than Christ himself.well he was very important to christ but not more important than the one who died for him.

  • Anonymous

    let me say this, WHO CARES! it’s his right to say whatever he wants about religion. And you know, we are nitpicking if we get upset over ONE word change. That’s how he interpreted that song, so let him be. I disagree with Cee Lo on that point but I don’t think we should make an issue of it. 

  • EJC

    If anyone remembers WKRP in Cincinnati, there was an episode that dealt with censorship, a preacher and the song “Imagine”. It hit the ball out of the park, and that episode was at least 30 years old.

    We never learn….

  • EJC

    Here is the link to the “Imagine” section of the episode


  • Anonymous

    Fine, make up lyrics.  Just make sure they make some sense, or some poetic sense.  “All religion’s true”?  So I’m gonna be reincarnated as a llama and also NOT?

  • HappyGoPink

    Has this story been reported in the mainstream media? I haven’t found it. Who does this idiot think he’s fooling with that lame tweet? 

  • Anonymous

    Does that mean that he has pissed off the ordained ministers in his family?  I’m pretty sure they don’t think “all religion’s true”.

  • EJC

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
    Stop being a pussy and pick a side.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I am reminded of Elmer Gantry, by Sinclair Lewis. Whenever the God-bothering preachers needed to come up with a good sermon, they looted the writings of Robert G. Ingersoll, “The Great Agnostic.”

  • I don’t fight people because they believe differently from me. I fight people who take destructive action, and who lie to further their own selfish ends and preserve their undeserved privilege.

    Changing that important line from that iconic song to state the opposite of Lennon’s intended message was a lie. Rewriting American history to portray the US as a “Christian nation” founded entirely by “devout Christians” who would identify with the Radical Religious Right of today is a lie. Saying that LGBT people “choose” their sexuality and deserve either vicious contempt or pity is a lie. Saying that they can be “cured” in bogus “pray away the gay” clinics is a lie. Teaching creationism in public school science classes is a lie. Coyly trying to disguise that as science by rebranding it as “intelligent design theory” is a lie. Public school staff leading students in prayer and then saying it’s all voluntary and not at all coerced, or just denying that they do it is a lie. Saying that laws prohibiting them from leading students in prayer prohibit students from praying on their own is a lie. Saying that all atheists are evil, untrustworthy, depressed, immoral, unpatriotic, and deserving of abuse is a lie. Claiming to worship an all-loving god and follow the Prince of Peace and then in his name browbeating, harassing, shunning, disowning, abandoning, and attacking their co-workers, their neighbors, their friends, and even their own children just because they’re not convinced of invisible beings is an ugly, disgusting, reprehensible LIE.

    These are just a few of the lies I hear every single day, and I’m not going to silently let them go unchallenged. I don’t fight people because of their beliefs, I fight the misery that hundreds of people who write to me suffer because of these lies. It’s like trying to stop a raging river of shit and blood with my bare hands, but I’m not going to give up.

    And then there’s your lie, the lie of posturing that you know me, that you know my motives, that you know my thoughts, feelings and actions. No, you obviously don’t.

    You, hiding facelessly behind your opaque pseudonym have little to back up your superior disapproval of what you dismiss as a “soapbox” or “militancy.”  You, who “can’t stand” people who care enough to stand up to lies and abuse, what do you offer?  Offer some effort, some action that will make things better rather than just heckling from the safety of the dark.

  • Robert

    That’s nonsense. Many songs are very well re-interpreted simply by singing them differently.

    Again, I think this cover sucks and I should add that everyone who loves the original, including myself, should indeed point out that this particular change is against the spirit of Lennon’s lyrics.

    What caught me by surprise were all the comments that seemed to claim this was somehow unheard of in the music industry when as far as I can tell it’s common practice and generally a good thing.

  • Robert

    Non public domain songs are altered every day in concerts by artists that don’t hold the rights to those songs.

  • U2kimbow

    ^STANDING OVATION^ to Richard Wade!!! BRAVO!!!

  • Actually, he’s pretty hot in contemporary music.  Outside of this slip-up, I like his stuff.

  • How does anyone here know that Cee Lo didn’t get permission to change the lyric?  As an atheist, I guess I should be appalled, but frankly, I’m not really upset about this, as long as Cee Lo got permission to change it.  He’s free like all of us to tweak works.

  • Richard angry = awesome.
    Richard angry, right, and eloquent = FUCKING EPIC.

  • Not changing the lyrics is a sign of a bad cover?  I’ve been doing it wrong!

  • Easy, mate.  A little righteous indignation is good and all but… so’s decaf.

  • How about pulling the mask of the ol’ Lone Ranger?

  • We need a new holy trinity. Ozzy, Bruce Dickinson, and Dio, anyone?

  • Bezoar

    He changed the lyrics in his own song; fuck you to forget you. Seems to be a trait

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    It must have been divine intervention that I went to bed early last night and missed hearing this.

  • jjramsey

    Changing that important line from that iconic song to state the opposite of Lennon’s intended meaning was a lie.

    You might as well have said that Johnny Cash lied when he changed “crown of shit” to “crown of thorns” in his cover of “Hurt.” Might there be people who heard his cover and not realized that he changed some words? Quite possibly. Is Cash responsible if someone makes such a mistake? Hardly. Lyric changes in covers are hardly uncommon, and the listener should expect as much. If Cee Lo Green were intending to misrepresent the changed line as Lennon’s original, then you’d have a good case that he was lying. As it stands, he has shown no more intent to deceive than Cash.

    As it stands, we have a guy who apparently liked “Imagine” enough to sing it but not enough to use it as is. Woop-dee-freaking-doo.

  • Charles Black

    This has to be one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever read on this blog so far. You can’t be serious when you said that we’re fighting people for having different beliefs than you do right? So do yourself a favour & go away before you expose yourself as a cretinous fool than you are now.

  • Robert

    That was entirely a mistake on my part, I’m not sure why I left that as is and didn’t fix it. I was thinking about covers and re-interpreting music and yes some lazy efforts involve not changing anything at all, but not changing the lyrics is by no meas a sign of a bad cover. My apologies.

  • Michael

    NIN had already recorded a version with Crown of Thorns for radio stations who weren’t allowed to broadcast the word Shit.

  • jjramsey

    So messing with John Lennon’s lyrics is bad, but messing with Jim Croce’s is okay?

  • Michael Appleman

    There really isn’t any ambiguity to that line. He changed it because he was afraid to even suggest someone imagine there is no religion.

  • ESCkey

    How interesting! Thank you for the link. I am embarassed to admit ignorance of the show. When did it air? I would kind of like to see it in its entirety, especially since it is essentially tackling the same exact topic (and song!)

  • Deepak Shetty

    I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that’s all

    That makes no sense – He’s already living in this world where people do believe whatever they want to – why would he need to imagine?

  • EJC
  • Jd

    it’s appropriate.  now get back in the kitchen

  • EJC

    “Cee Lo” is the corporate advertising mouthpiece for Sprite soda.

  • wait… wut? 

  • jjramsey

    Okay, fair enough. The point is that the only way Cee Lo is lying is if he’s pretending that the changed lyrics were the originals–which he hasn’t done.

  • Some chick came to my university last year and did the same thing with The Script song. It annoyed the hell out of me and still does.

  • Nic Burt1

    Wow people, everything has been done already. Praise to Lennon but props to Ceelo too, find something to believe in whatever your God but they’re all trying to get across the same message. It’s the fucked up & imperfect followers that damage the intentions

  • Thinking only legalistically often manages to miss the point.

    Look what they’ve done to my song, ma
    Look what they’ve done to my song
    Well they’ve tied it up in a plastic bag
    Then turned it upside down
    Look what they’ve done to my song
    – Melanie Safka

    “If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools”
    -Rudyard Kipling

  • Parody, schmarody. If what Cee-Lo did is disrespectful, then what the FFRF did is, as well. The FFRF changed the lyrics to support a viewpoint entirely contrary to the original, EXACTLY what Cee-Lo did. Frankly, I find it silly to do in either direction. Really, it’s not a whole lot better than the “Tommy Hellfighter” and “Godstoppers” designs around; a pale, meaningless imitation of the original. 

  • EJC

    And this makes it right?


    Your argument is the old “everybody does it” defense? Yes, we all know how well that holds up under scrutiny.

  • EJC

    Have you been drinking the “blood of christ” from the rectumry [sic] again?

  • ND

    It is hard to imagine, but easy to know they are false.

  • Marco Conti

    If  a song had a verse that said “and all religions are shit” and it was changed for radio play to “and all religions are bad”  to avoid the 4 letter word, I would not be complaining as it is done all the time. I don’t like it particularly as I figure the artist that wrote it used certain words for a reason but I’ll accept it. The basic meaning is preserved, if not quite as strongly.

    If then some prick changes the lyrics again to say “and all religions are good”, I have every right to get mad at it and wonder what made him change those lyrics/. Did he do it because he is religious himself? Because he is afraid of the religious complaining? Because he thought that was what the author meant, even though he wrote it differently?

    No matter how I look at it, the answers are not pretty and they all involve either bad faith (no pun), deception or cowardice.

  • Yes. Well. That was awkward.

  • cool story bro

  • Ajennings

    Well, wow, if I tried to put it any better than that I would fail. I feel like playing the original Fuck you symphony to Cee Lo, with images of religious hatred ,victims of paedophile priests, Evil people picketing funerals, people tongue talking then being taken away to a mental health facility for skitsophrenia for having audible hallucination, victims of homphobia,etc etc. In regards to Cee Lo, To use an Australian Vanacular, “fucking hell, dont come the raw prawn to me,what a total seppo wanker , You are a total bloody idiot you bundle of  lard ” I cannot put as eloquently as you, hitch said God is not great, but your intelligent and passionate defence of an anti theist perspective is great, Youre a bloody legend!

  • Griotwriter

    John Lennon’s mindset is what made the song so awesome.  Nobody has the right to change what he intended to say.  I am a writer myself. I sat and heard the reading of one of my plays once.  I squirmed in my seat as an actor took the liberty to insert words that I had never written, insulted other actors with words that were never written and felt he did nothing wrong after the reading. I was livid!  He changed my whole intent and the mood and honesty of my MY creative expression. Why didn’t he just go and write his own play instead of botching up mine?  In the theater we have an obligation to speak only what is written by the author.  It is considered an insult to the author when this is not done and a lawsuit has often been the end result.  I would think that it is an insult to a songwriter when his lyrics are changed, to a poet, etc.

    If you do not believe in the songwriter’s lyrics; don’t sing the song.  Cee-lo, you had no right to do that.  It’s impossible for all fucking religions to be true because they are only beliefs, duh!  Or did God tell you to say that?  And can you prove that he did? Can you even prove there is a God? You religious fanatics are out of control.  You overstepped your boundaries!

  • Anonymous

    What a arrogant thing to do in changing the lyrics to such a classic and highly regarded song…not acceptable, but c lo’s 15 minutes is almost up anyway.

  • Anonymous

    What a arrogant thing to do in changing the lyrics to such a classic and highly regarded song…not acceptable, but c lo’s 15 minutes is almost up anyway.

  • You’re wrong. The SOB took a classic song and assfucked it by changing the lyrics so as to completely change its meaning. One good buggering deserves another.

  • You’re missing the point entirely. He didn’t change some lyrics to please the censors. This isn’t a matter of degree, but of kind.

  • jjramsey

    Thinking only legalistically often manages to miss the point.

    Sticking to the normal definition of “lie” isn’t legalistic. It’s calling you out on an overstatement.

    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools

    “Imagine” isn’t a statement of truth. It’s a call to imagine a certain kind of utopia that may not even be practical. Cee Lo is a theist, so he called his listeners to imagine a slightly different world than Lennon did. Gee, horror of horrors.

    What Cee Lo did is not a lie. It is not some outrageous crime against humanity. It’s not even like one of Bill Donahue’s slanders. At most, it is perhaps fodder for a “Todd in the Shadows” episode.

  • In a way, all religions are true. They all teach intolerance and hate towards those of different religions. Leaving out the mythological stuff, what’s left? Intolerance and hate. 

  • Yeah… you see… Cee Lo deleted that tweet and put this one on its place.

  • Hitch

    Difference between most contemporary artists and John Lennon was that actually having a position that doesn’t pander to the largest crowd was what Lennon was doing.

    But I cannot say I’m that disappointed. I never thought of Cee Lo Green as being anything but an entertainer and I don’t really see that as a particularly political act, but rather the standard weakness.

    And yeah it’d been nice if people just left the song as is, and that it cannot be left alone is more a sign of our times than anything. Yet I am still much more worried about Liberty and Bob Jones University graduates populating school boards to have evolution and Jefferson removed and creationism and Calvin (and god!) instituted into the education of children.

  • Did you noticed Cee Lo deleted his tweet? Hmmmm.

  • Dude is a fat piece of shit to change this song.  And religion is disgusting. AND he can’t sing worth a shit. 

  • Devlin

    Isn’t this one hit wonder’s 15 minutes up yet?

  • Luke

    I can see that it’s frustrating for him to have changed the lyric. In fact I think frustrating is clearly an understatement and perhaps infuriating would be a better description. That doesn’t actually make it wrong for him to do it. As others have pointed out, it’s very common for artists to change song lyrics when they cover them, often to make them better suit that artist or their views. It’s not a deception unless he claims that Lennon originally wrote or performed it that way. Some people may not realise there’s been a change but that doesn’t mean the intent was deception. In any case, it may well prompt some people to listen to the original with original lyrics.

  • I am moved to share this little idea, this suggestion if I may, which is this-

    Imagine that there IS NO GOD or GODS of any kind. Imagine the idea that there is only the religion, and those who run these different types of religion, and THEY dictate this belief that there is this all-powerful being that sees and knows EVERYTHING, but cannot truly speak for itself. Imagine if one day, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN decided to question and challenge their beliefs, challenge the existence of a being and/or beings we call ‘God/Gods’ and ask that being to show itself to the world, and to PROVE that it exists. NOT by books and/or quotes that are written and spoken by another human, but by GOD or the GODS THEMSELVES. CIRCULAR LOGIC is what makes us not question the ‘logic’ that is the bible, and it is understandable. If you define the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of your beliefs, I can bet that you believe because you were taught to do so, with the fear and intimidation that if you did NOT believe, you would face an eternity burning ans suffering. THAT is not true belief, but the need to only save ones self from that pain….NOT the true way to salvation. A person has to WANT TO believe, but to logically believe that an all-powerful God, who gave me the ability to choose my own path in life, gives NOTHING to logically believe in his existence other than words in a book (one of MANY translations). Should I just except this as PROOF?

    No. I will NOT simply go by what another HUMAN dictates as reality, only a GOD can make me believe. Otherwise, I would just be another human following other humans, doing NOTHING to correct the mistakes that those who came before us made and created, by simply hoping and wishing and praying that it will all just go away…disappear….as it never existed.

    If we do not change, we will never grow.
    If we stand still, we will never go anywhere.
    If we choose to do nothing, nothing will happen.
    ACTIONS speak louder than written words.

    Live as humans, not just as individuals….

    And for the record- John Lennon’s song was a suggestion to the world, just as the song ‘Give Peace A Chance’. WE can choose, WE have the right NOT TO BELIEVE. Not because of an ‘American’ freedom, but as a human with the ability to take the information I see and CHOOSE to take it as fact or not.

  • Eleanor O’Neill

    Maine’s my home too. We should, I don’t know, start a group! Cee-Lo’s a jerk. ’nuff said.

  • Gunstargreen

    This makes me very sad.

  • Pete56

    ‘crown of shit’ to ‘crown of thorns’ (and,no,I’ve never heard the song with either lyric)doesn’t change the essential meaning of the sentiment, as does C Lo’s lyrical faux pas.
    Either crown would be an unpleasant hat,  while ‘try not believing in a religion’ and  ‘all religious beliefs are good’ are  NOT similar sentiment.
    If he has such respect for the song, and the man, he shouldn’t have  disrespected the sentiment in the song. 
    If his beliefs differ,then he should, perhaps, write a similar melody with lyrics that reflect his own beliefs.

  • Ajennings

    Dont forget Lenny, the ace of Bogans

  • Ajennings

    Cee lo is huge in an obese sort of way, I agree he sings more off pitch than on, his only claim to fame is using the word fuck in a song, wow how rebellious. Still at least he is not commenting on the presidential race, as funny as thas would be. What would be funnier still would be for slipknot to do a cover album of christian hyms and change the lyrics to make them more demonic, you tube sensation anyone

  • The Other Weirdo

    The term isn’t “sporting gaudy gold jewelry”, it’s “over-golding”.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Technically, though, “all religion’s true” would include atheism because, as we all know, Christians believe atheism is a religion in itself. So big props to the guy for ripping a hole in the space/time continuum with his stupid paradox.

  • But that fucks up the whole “trinity” thing!

    Though, uh, lesser gods and demi-gods are always cool…

  • Innerlockedmedia

    Not a big deal wade. No religion is not to far from every religion. It’s like the philosophy that a man that has everything has nothing. The phrase all religions are true is an equivalent effect, just using an opposite polarity. It’s gonna be ok… I promise. 

  • TheEkstaza

    You still miss the point. It just isn’t right to twist a man’s expression of himself into an expression of something opposite. It is of extremely bad taste, and shows poor character.

  • Anonymous

    “Says the same guy who sang “Imagine no possessions” while wearing a fur coat and sporting gaudy gold jewelry…”
    Yeah! Only a millionaire living in a luxury apartment overlooking Central Park can sing that!

  • JT

    I’m cool with changing the lyrics. It’s the most overrated song in the history of mankind. Nothing to kill for is cool, but nothing to die for? If you have nothing you’re willing to die for, what’s there to live for?

  • tankernav

    Atheistards are disgusting trash. Bunch of mean-spirited assholes.

  • tankernav

    Have you been blowing your gawd, Richard “the asshole” Dawkins?

  • Nelson

    Lol, not anything like the pure and loving character you represent with your words.

  • Nelson

    Haha, it’s good to have Christian’s like you on our side, proving our point.


  • Amyjorlando30

    Actually religion has been human kinds biggest and most epic wars since it was thought up. So in all actuallity John Lennen was right in his lyrics, along w many other things. Thanks Cee Lo, you just f’d up meaningful lyrics for a sad generation that has none to work with. Do the world a favor, and just make your own music. Don’t mess w the legends. I can’t believe you would even think that Lennon would be cool w that.

  • Amyjorlando30

    I agree w Richard up there… Cee lo made me do a double take too on new years and it pissed me off. I think He should shove his mic up his ass.

  • Amyjorlando30

    Oh, I’m sorry…. I actually meant that I coulnd’t IMAGINE that Lennen would ever be cool w that.

  • Amyjorlando30

    He’s still a douche.

  • Amyjorlando30

    Thats makes me want to follow and believe in the bible even more than I already want to….   Nah…

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