Forget Tebowing; Try Thinkering December 28, 2011

Forget Tebowing; Try Thinkering

Dave Silverman models the pose:

What’s the difference between Tebowing and Thinkering? Dave responds:

The difference is we don’t bow our heads in blind submission, rather we consider and conclude for ourselves.

I’m sure a website dedicated to Thinkering will be created in 5… 4… 3…

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  • Wesley

    Please someone donate some money to AA so David can get some new shoes… Oh, and I like the idea. (insert catchy slogan under picture)

  • Gerry

    I’m doing it now!

  • Does the thinkering position need to be done on one knee? It seems a bit submissive to me.

  • I prefer “sitting” 😀 Just sit in the chair and give a thumbs up 

  • PJB863

    And here I thought Tebow just had a really bad headache!  My grandfather used to bow his head and touch his forehead as he sat on the commode (he sometimes forgot to shut the door, much to Grandma’s chagrin).  Sometimes it sounded like he was praying, with all the Jesus and God exclamations coming out of the john…….

    One time Grandma told the company that was visiting that he was practicing for his tuba lesson.

    OK.  Enough ten year-old humor for the year.

  • Entertaining Doubts

    Well, the one-knee thing makes it a more obvious parody of the Tebow thing, but I have to agree that it seems a bit submissive. Not to mention tough on the knees.

    One possible positive spin: Maybe it’s like Darwin musing over the “tangled bank,” or a paleontologist examining a fossil in situ. Observing and analyzing the world instead of narcissistic navel-gazing, or something like that.

    Anyway, damn clever, and I’ll be looking for excuses to perform it in the coming weeks.

  • Entertaining Doubts

    Does anybody else here find that the Thinker sculpture was ruined for them by Night at the Museum II? “I’m thinkin’, I’m thinkin’….” Funny bit, but it sorta sticks in my head and crowds out the more noble aspects of the sculpture.

    Of course, now I can supply the voiceover for Tebow when he does his thing: “I’m prayin’, I’m prayin’….” It works especially well in the “big dumb galoot” voice.

  • Anonymous

    Is this ‘Tebowing’ fad really so much of a threat that we have to devote so much attention to it?

  • The Thinker was ruined for me long before Night at the Museum because my father always called it the “stinker”, saying that he looks like he’s on the toilet.  Now I can’t see it without mentally  adding a copy of Field and Stream to his hand.  

  • Andrew Morgan


    Plus Tebowing was already a parody.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. My dad said that too. Alternatively, he’d say what the thinker was thinking about was that he was trying to remember where he left his clothes.

  • Arc

    I agree with Andrew Morgan.  But, if you’re going to do it, it should be left knee – right arm.

  • Terry

    Sorry, but too close to the Tebowing.  Those who are not in of the joke will just assume we are paying tribute to the Tebow prayer.  Perhaps if trhe photographs were all done sitting as with the Thinker. 
    Feels like building on this meme is just adding attention to Tebowing. 

  • Thanks for ruining it for me as well 🙁

    Now somebody please ruin my other favourite statue figure: Atlas holding the planet on his back.

  • Rob Grikmeer

    Well, he doesn’t hold the planet on his back 😉 He holds the “sphere of heaven”

  • Anonymous

    Please post the link

  • So, has a website been created yet or not? I found but as it is sparse on information (to say the least) I can’t tell if it has anything to do with this or not…

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