That’s What Christmas is All About December 25, 2011

That’s What Christmas is All About

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By the way, the person who drew that image, Tony Piro, is offering $1 to Doctors Without Borders for every 500 views that cartoon gets, so share it and make sure you link to his site when you do it 🙂

(via Calamities of Nature)

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  • Anonymous

    I had previously intended to do an analysis of how Christmas is a plagiarized, modified pagan ritual, but this comic does it so much better and hits a sweet chord as well.  I’ve shared this on my blog and linked back to CoN website. Sadly, my blog doesn’t attract much traffic, but hey the thought counts right? 😀 

  • Anonymous

    My blog doesn’t get a great deal of traffic either but I did sort of the same as Chipmunk. About four years ago I penned a piece for this day titled “Evolve your Beliefs.” The last year I reran it with minor modifications. Today I ran it yet again, but incorporated Hemant’s memorable CoN cartoon. Even the blog piece is evolving.

  • Anonymous

    Also worth noting is that Christmas was originally on December 21st, which is the astronomical winter solstice. But because the Julian calendar is a little bit shorter than the real year, it drifted four days ahead over the next few centuries.

  • This comic would be much better if the original version wasn’t entirely about the birth of jesus.

  • EL

    Ironic that the author jacked Peanuts to convey this particular message…  haha.

  • Kerozene

    After so many years of people just assuming Christians “own” Christmas, there is finally a noticeable change in the wind. I’ve seen far more people pointing out things about Christmas this year that many non-christians have known for a while. I have to wonder how much of it was sparked by the medias “war on Christmas”.  Could it really be that a plot to place concrete ownership in Christian hands, has backfired? This is a twist, one I will be watching with interest next year.

    Even doing some basic searches on  “Google trends”  such as various queries on Jesus’s birthday seems to be on the rise. Very interesting. 

  • It’s really a shame that this image keeps popping up, because it contains some serious factual errors. Neither Mithras nor Horus nor Zeus nor Hercules was ever believed to have been born on the 25th. These claims come solely from a “researcher” pseudonymmed Acharya S., who was the primary source for the grievously fictionalized first part of Zeitgeist (which made claims such as that Jesus being the “son of god” was a reference to him being the Sun God – since ‘son’ and ‘sun’ are homophones in English – and that the twelve disciples represented the twelve signs of the zodiac).

  • Erp

    Yup, Sol Invictus seems to be the only one with a birthdate about then.     However one title sometimes given to Jesus is ‘Sun of Righteousness’ (from Malachi 4:2) so he was sometimes associated with the sun.

  • Charles Black

    The real reason Jesus is called the ‘son of god’ is that the Christians were incorporating elements of pagan religion to appeal to the newly converted masses.
    So the fact that Jesus is called the ‘son of god’ is a big giveaway that Christianity is partly pagan in origin.

  • Anonymous

    A coworker who is belongs to some sort of Jewish-Christian sect who identifies with Jewish holy days and holds to Jesus’ divinity but doesn’t celebrate any Christian holidays nor people’s birthdays, recently showed me this same thing except in the version that he showed me, the third bubble in the main pane contained something about celebrating the holiday with the adopted pagan tree “even though their own bibles directly tell them not to”.

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