The American Cancer Society Lost a Few More Supporters December 21, 2011

The American Cancer Society Lost a Few More Supporters

Not to rehash that whole controversy again, but here’s a story worth sharing, courtesy of blogger vnectar:

I said [to my husband,] “Hey honey, I did a good deed today! I convinced K. not to donate money to the American Cancer Society!”.

Then I started laughing because I realized that I would sound like a monster to anyone not aware of the drama surrounding the ACS and an atheist organization who wants to donate an assload of money to them, but isn’t allowed.

Anyway, K. is organizing an event at work to raise money for a specific kind of cancer, so when she mentioned donating to ACS, I countered with links to stories about the drama and suggested a smaller charity that’s specific to the kind of cancer she’s raising money for. She agreed that the ACS isn’t worthy of her efforts, which made me feel a bit victorious.

There was no good reason for the ACS to reject money just because it came from atheists, and I hope that someone at the organization was reprimanded for turning away half a million dollars that could have gone toward a worthy cause.

But if they don’t want atheist-tainted money, there are other groups we can give our money to. And we will.

vnectar concludes her post with this:

… I realized that the ACS has no idea that their behavior is costing them donations from other avenues that aren’t at all atheist-related.

How do we let them know?

Simple: If the opportunity arises, we tell people why we’re no longer making contributions to the ACS. We point them toward other groups which focus on similar issues. We refuse to let the ACS get away with discrimination.

Also: The American Cancer Society still has a Facebook page and it’s been lacking atheist input lately…

***Update***: The ACS has responded again. And again, it’s neither accurate nor satisfactory.

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  • Amelia

    Two of my uncles died of cancer in the last 10 years.  My father survived cancer.  But apparently my money isn’t good enough for the American Cancer Society.

    Nice.  You just convinced me to join FBB.

  • Shanti

    Screw the ACC. I have breast cancer and wouldn’t give them a cent even  before I knew they were anti-atheist.

  • Kelli Smith

    Thanks again, Hemant!


  • A Portlander

    Smaller, more targeted charities are always a better idea. The non-profit industrial complex is all about salaries for the administrators and IRS deductions for corporate donors–remember that these groups are what Republicans want to replace government-funded science & medicine. Red flag, that.

  • Nick
  • Since the ACS isn’t an efficient user of the money, no one should be giving to the ACS anyways. Even if they issued a completely groveling apology etc. etc. it would still be a bad use of the money. Give the money to groups that use the money efficiently and don’t spend so much on overhead an Relay costs and the like. 

  • Kelli Smith

    It appears that the majority of the comments on their FB page have been removed.

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