Introducing Dads Beyond Belief December 21, 2011

Introducing Dads Beyond Belief

A couple of months ago, I mentioned a new Facebook group called Mothers Beyond Belief, a group for moms (especially new ones) to talk about pregnancy, childbirth, and raising children without all the religious talk and pseudoscience that infest other “mommy forums.” That group is now thriving with over 750 members.

Now we have its counterpart: Dads Beyond Belief:

A private secular group for fathers from conception to childbirth and beyond. A resource and forum for secular dads to share their challenges, advice, and experiences.

In other words, advice about fatherhood from veteran fathers to new ones, without the Church-y, Mark Driscoll-ish, “BE A MANLY MAN!” crap.

Just like the other one, this is a closed group, so you must be accepted before you can join the conversation. If you’re a new dad, this would be a great place to ask your questions and get honest advice without the taint of religion.

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  • Such wonderful ideas, these groups.  The future of reason and logic depend on children who are not being brainwashed by religion.

  • Greg Davies

    Every time I hear the phrase “manly man,” I can’t help thinking of this:

  • Just sent in my request to join, thanks.

  • I’m a housespouse that wrote a book on atheism while taking care of a 5- and a 2-year-old. I think I qualify.

  • Request made.  Love to support this group.

  • Hemant,

    Thanks for the linky love — trying to keep up with all the requests, if I fall behind, please be patient, and I’ll get to all the requests.


  • Hopefully the Mothers Beyond Belief group has bounced back from its rocky start, and that the Dads Beyond Belief group will avoid the situation altogether. I’ll just copy and paste from my comments on the Mothers Beyond Belief Group after my terrible experience.

    This is a great group for the general term “atheist”. If you’re looking for a group to get away from the same old arguments made by religious people being made for things like anti-vaccinations, homeopathy, ghosts, even the possibility of heaven, this is not the group for you. I ended up leaving after being very active because many in the group would use “gut feelings” rather than evidence to support their beliefs, and then demand that their beliefs be respected. I get enough of that from my Christian friends. 

    If it continues down this path… science based it is NOT.

    Thanks but no thanks. :/

  • Acydgod

    Any chance of starting a Google+ Dad’s group?

  • BdrLen

    Thanks dude!

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