Which Store Contains More Fantasy…? December 20, 2011

Which Store Contains More Fantasy…?

I know where I’m placing my $10,000 bet.

This lovely juxtaposition brought to you by Austin, Texas.

(Thanks to Keith for the link!)

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  • Trace

    No photoshop? Good one!

  • Anonymous

    “Keep Austin Weird” is the unofficial city motto.

  • Hah! I go to that Dragon’s Lair a couple of times a month. I don’t know which store has more fantasy in stock, but I know which one has the better action figures.

  •   I know which one would get my fantasy dollar and probably has the better vampire slayer’s kit.

  • Anonymous

    Cool, I’ve actually been to that game store before.  It’s been a while, but it’s good to see that it’s still there.

  • Charles Black

    What is the difference between belief in a diety & belief in invisible dragons living in the garage?

  • The creepiest thing is that I think the storage units where Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s body was kept is fairly close to there.

  • Last I heard, it was hard to beat the Catholics for exorcisms.  Top that fantasy!

  • It was a frustrating day today. I worked hard to accomplish little; the
    Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy  image made me smile.

  • At least the customers at Dragon’s Lair know it is fantasy…

  • Hey! I was just here last weekend to attend s signing from one of the guys @ cyanide and happiness.
    It’s pretty big inside. I dunno about the other store.

  • wright

    Bwahaha! As a long-time gamer, I appreciate that juxtapositioning alright! At least Dragon’s Lair doesn’t pretend it’s selling fantasy as reality.

  • As a gamer-geek, I know which one you’d find me in…

  • Anonymous

    What level cleric is that “Benedict” character?

  • Dano Johnson

    That’s my Austin!  I pass that every day but never thought of it that way.  Nice!

  • T-Rex

    You mean that’s not one big store named Dragons’ Lair that sells both Catholic fantasy and comics?

  • Great store (Dragon’s Lair), and all the times I’ve been there seeing this same view I also never thought about the neighboring store. Missed my Perception roll?

  • Monica

    Yay DL! I got so excited when I saw this picture because I grew up close to there and now patronize Dragon’s Lair quite often. I love our weird, wonderful city!

  • Passtopresent82

    Some would say that one of these places has actual accounts of dragons!

  • Anonymous

    I used to live one block from that.

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