This Explains the Broncos Game December 19, 2011

This Explains the Broncos Game

(via Reddit)

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  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure God actually threw for 320 yards that day.

  • no, god was helping the Seasucks beat the Bears.

  • Ditta

    That was actually Tebow’s best game so far, it was the rest of the team that failed. Are you going to post anything worthwhile anytime soon, so should I just stop following you now?

  • Anonymous

    He completed 50% of his passes, no TD, and he lost 29 yards at one point.

  • Anonymous

    You asked two distinct questions, and separated them with a comma.

  • Define “worthwhile”. I’m sure Hemant will JUMP at the chance to serve you and only you. Your opinions matter more than anybody else’s here. You’re special, and don’t let nobody tell you otherwise!

  • Charles Black

    Isn’t it interesting that although god is supposed to have infinite powers that same being can only decide which side wins in an American football game for example?

  • This is an atheist site. What part about that don’t you understand? If you can’t fathom why this story is germane and within scope of that premise, we can’t help you. Please delete yourself now. Ignorance is tolerable, obtuseness isn’t.

  • Rod Chlebek


  • Massachusetts has always been God’s true elect. He would only punish his Chosen People with something like the Red Sox.

  • Gunstargreen

    Someone doesn’t have a sense of humor.

    And there’s only one statistic that matters at the end of a football game, and that’s the score.

  • NewEnglandBob

    According to Saturday Night Live, Tom Brady is god’s nephew, so that is why the Patriots beat the Broncos. I think it was so lopsided because the Patriots’ defense showed up this week.

  • If this was Tebow’s best game, then I’m extra amazed at his popularity.

    I see far more sports analysts whining about Tebow getting bad press for his beliefs than I’ve seen actual bad press for his beliefs.  The only criticisms I’ve seen of Tebow (that weren’t in a comments section) have had to do with his absolutely abysmal stats.  Sure, he gets a lot of rushing yards.  So does Cam Newton – who also has more rushing TDs and 2000+ more passing yards – and yet Cam gets about half the media coverage.

    If anything in the Bible is correct, then it’s Matthew 6:5.  Tebow has already gotten his rewards.  It’s the only explanation for why such an aggressively mediocre quarterback is so popular.

  • Anonymous

    Read MHawkins comment for some stats on this game.  If this is his best, I can’t wait for the almighty to really focus on his messenger.

  • Anonymous

    Just further proof god must be a football fan- and if he wasn’t, we wouldn’t have had an NBA lockout either!  (Do people actually think like this?) 

  • Anonymous

    From what I’ve seen, Tebow is at best, a mediocre player.  What a waste of time writing ANYTHING about him.

  • Anonymous

    What did you expect?  God put 500 bucks on New England.

  • walkamungus

    LOL! (and I say this as a Broncos fan)

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