Do the People at LifeWay Christian Resources Do This at Restaurants? December 19, 2011

Do the People at LifeWay Christian Resources Do This at Restaurants?

(In response to this post.)

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  • Kristi

    It’s so true.  Double standards are incredible within the Christian community. 

  • Merlin

    Yes, especially when it’s one of their daughters who needs an abortion.

  • Demonhype

    Good question for all the accomodationists who say “what’s the big deal, you don’t want to donate to religious proselytizing charities directly from your pocket, so that’s the same thing.”  Which it is not–in one case, we have someone refusing to open their wallet and put money directly into a religious charity (but usually opting for an equivalent secular charity) and in the other case we have someone obsessing that the proceeds of a particular product (which come from the person  buying the product, really) go to an organization that helps another organization they think Jesus hates.  Where does it end?  Would you check every business to make sure there isn’t a single connection to abortion?  Would you do research into every product you carry to be sure there isn’t even the most indirect connection to Planned Parenthood?  How many degrees of separation can we have before people admit that, religion or not, it’s obsessive control-freak behavior?

    Also, if an atheist asked questions like that–“Has anyone in your employ attended a church?  Are any of them Christians?  Do they tithe?  I won’t eat here if a single penny made off my meal might go into a church collection plate or support someone who brainwashes children into religion,” it would be all over the news as evidence that atheists are evil people who want to force their way of life on all other people, or that atheists are overly obsessed with what other people do, like childish busybodies.  When a Christian does something like that, it’s a non-issue seen as simple free speech or whatever, and totally not a control-freak issue or a childish busybody issue.  Huge double standard there.

  • On the other hand, the Human Rights Campaign just recently launched an app that allows people to review how their favorite stores/restaurants/entertainment venues etc. stacked up in terms of LGBT-friendly policies for their employees. Isn’t that rather the same thing?

  • Erik Cameron

    I don’t understand. Is that intended as sarcasm?

  • No, ensuring non-discriminatory procedures for the people that work there is different than whether or not money (donated or spent) is going to a particular cause.  I hate Neo-Con, Ayn Rand-ing, Never-Been-Out-Of-The-Midwest-But-Think-I-Understand-Everything-About-Everything types, and if someone’s hosting, say, a bake sale, I will ask if the money I’m spending on this Cherry Crumble is going to support those people and their causes.  If so, I would not give them my money.  However, if I saw the person running the bake sale being  derogatory or abusive to their employees, I would step up and say something, or attempt to defend them if they appeared unable to do so.  Even if I think someone is a schlub, idiot, twit whose social values are at odds with my own creating a sense of human decency supersedes that.  However, I have very little patience for on-line trolls, NICOLINE; and would suggest that you put down “Atlas Shrugged” and pick up a copy of  “OUT”.

  • Nude0007

    “yes sir, I have been touched by an abortion. It is standard policy for all restaurants in this state to only hire people who have been touched by an abortion.  Good luck with that”

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