A Tree of Knowledge in Kansas City December 19, 2011

A Tree of Knowledge in Kansas City

They may not be able to have one in Pennsylvania, but the Kansas City Atheist Coalition created their own Tree of Knowledge and it looks great 🙂

The tree’s ornaments are pictures of famous skeptics/atheists who have challenged us to look beyond mindless dogma:

They also “adopted” two families in need, buying gifts for the kids and raising $340 for gift cards for the parents. Such a simple gesture, yet so helpful and powerful. And all without the help of a deity.

(Thanks to Sarah for the link!)

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  • Anonymous

    The tree topper is a classic!  Where can I get one?

  • Rob Grikmeer

    Who is the black lady to the left of Turing and Sagan?

  • Tree of Knowledge: A new atheist tradition – http://t.co/HZjjLld4 – I am glad that the tradition is spreading.

  • Heather

    It’s Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

  • T-Rex

    I like the topper but why do atheists insist on decorating their trees with pictures of other atheists/free thinkers? I get that they don’t want it to come off as religious based but, damn, that’s tacky looking.

  • Josh Hyde

    It was custom-made by one of the directors of KCAC. When the girl at the craft store asked what he was going to do with so much rope, he replied simply, “Make spaghetti.”

  • AtheismResource.com

    It was more the process… all our members picked a picture of someone and placed it on the tree.

  • Pomerantzmd

    Excellent idea!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he would make them to sell… that is perfect and I WANT ONE!  (I’m just not that crafty.)

  • Anonymous

    It is a tree in a public square that is intended to educate and inform.  Having pictures of famous atheists, especially if their published works or some indication of what they do for the world is printed on the back, but I don’t know if they did that.  I’ve also seen these with pictures of books, be they atheistic or scientific, on a public tree as well.  I’m sure they don’t decorate their tree at home like this.

  • Nena

    This gives me a great idea for next year’s tree. I’m not a fan of the paper photos on the tree, but I could easily make ornaments with photos…and ornaments to use for a base will be super cheap next Monday. 🙂

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Love the idea but that is one hideous looking tree.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, i would’ve gotten a lot more creative that just photos and a few bows and lights. i like the FSM topping, tho. he’s so cute when He is Plushy. 

  • Anonymous

    i would’ve gone with something a little more creative and attractive. i mean, they could’ve at least put atheist faces on glittery ornaments, instead of drap photos. books are always nice, as are symbols from other religions, esp pagan ones from various cultures that relate to midwinter festivals. the gifts are a magnificent touch and i hope lots of needy kids get one of them. 

  • Tim

    Her books (especially “infidel”) are highly recomended.

    She is smart and beautiful.  I fail to see how a tree with her on it could be described as “ugly” 😉

  • Anonymous

    Another good common sense talk (Penn Jillette called “An Atheist’s Guide to the 2012 Election.”

    Penn Jillette: An Atheist’s Guide to the 2012 Election

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