God Visits Tim Tebow on SNL December 18, 2011

God Visits Tim Tebow on SNL

Jesus speaks a lot of truth to Denver Broncos SuperChristian quarterback Tim Tebow in a sketch from last night’s Saturday Night Live (sorry, international non-Hulu people!):

SNL: Please make this version of Tebow a recurring character.

To the delight of atheists and non-Broncos fans everywhere, the advice didn’t pay off in today’s game.

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  • p4ul47

    Guess who doesn’t like Hulu?

  • Rob

    I like when Jesus says he prays to the kicker.  HA!

  • Hey, Broncos fan here, but not a Tebow one!  ITA about love for PRADER!!!

  • Anonymous

    I guess God is really a Brady/Belichick fan.

  • The little headbutt just slayed me. That was just wonderful.

  • That was hilarious. Why is it that SNL can show a skit like that, and their sponsors apparently don’t blink when the inevitable how-dare-you protests come flooding in, but Lowe’s caves in under one bigoted group’s teeth-gnashing about a show that dares to present some Muslim Americans as decent human beings?

  • Anonymous

    Jesus may be a Bronco’s fan, but apparently God is a Pats fan! (on TV anyways)

  • Anonymous

    Are you Canadian too? 🙂   Luckily, I recorded it myself last night.

  • Shame about Mormonism turning out to be true, though!

  • “Yes well I’m not all in everyone’s face about it.” *significant look at Tebow*

  • Peyton Manning’s time comes and he’s welcomed at the Pearly Gates by God Himself.

    “Welcome!” the almighty says, “I’m here to show you where you’ll be living for eternity!”

    So he leads Manning to this lovely stone cottage with a thatched roof.  Manicured garden, babbling brook nearby, cheerful fireplace indoors.  

    Manning goes in and looks out the upstairs window, where across the valley he sees a castle with smooth white walls, dozens of tall towers, and from the highest turret he sees a Patriots flag flying in the breeze.

    “Listen, God,” Manning begins, “I don’t mean to seem less than grateful, but how come I get this little house when Tom Brady gets a big castle for his house?”

    “That’s not Brady’s house,” God replies with a chuckle, “That’s MY house!”

  • p4ul47

    Nope, spanish. It sucks a lot because I follow a ultitude of american TV programs.

  • Baconeater

    Someone posted it on Youtube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul2dhNaQgxM

  • Deven Kale

    OMG! And to think, those are the same people that convinced me religion was a joke! Wow… Time to rethink some stuff.

  • Rich Wilson

    Here’s a youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul2dhNaQgxM

  • Charles Black

    Everytime god talks to Tebow a child dies from poverty.

  • The Old Lady

    It’s not okay to make comments of an adult nature as Dave Silverman made, but it’s okay to make childish insults like this? I know there is something more important to make blog posts about, Hemant. Leave the boy alone. What has he done to impose his religion on anyone? Nothing. His beliefs are his, as ours are ours. Whoever is wrong isn’t relevant, especially with the time we have here to make a difference. Leave him the hell alone and grow up.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor


  • LOL. YOUMAD??? I’m sorry. I don’t know where the fuck you’re from but this is America, where we (for now) have the Freedom Of Speech. If people want to mock faith, let them do it. Bitching about it on the internet sure ain’t gonna stop it…

  • Charles Black

    That could only have come from South Park., which I find funny. 🙂

  • Trina

    It was great!  Who knows, by Monday, there’ll probably be people complaining.  But I somehow doubt that SNL’s advertisers are overly sensitive. 

  • Newavocation

    Sorry, Tebow’s arrogance and immaturity invites ridicule. I wonder if God prefers Jews since the Pat’s owner is Jewish.  But of course that would be silly too.

  • Heidi

    If this is so unimportant and non-blog-worthy, why are you even bothering to comment on it?

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I know there is something more important to make blog posts about, Hemant.

    Yeah, Heman. Why don’t you blog about how God helped Sophie win Survivor?

    What has he done to impose his religion on anyone? Nothing.

    You mean other than the public show of praying, and that Superbowl halftime infomercial?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if Tebow read all verses from his “playbook” – the bible, he would have read this verse:

    Matthew 6:6
    “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

  • Anonymous

    I watched this sketch several times on Hulu. Laughed each and every time.  And it’s not so much making fun of Tebow, but showing the ridiculous nature of how he expresses himself in public like this, taking away from any normal physical push he and his teammates made to win the game in the 4th quarter and give credit to some unknown being that he gives thanks to each time he scores.

  • Bonnie Taylor

    I play hockey, and I would be really irritated if we played my hardest and then the Captain thanked God or Jesus instead of the team. It’s pretty disrespectful and basically just patting himself on the back for being the religious savior of the team, in his mind.

    Loved the SNL skit. “Leave some room for the Holy Ghost”.

  • Yukimi

    Thanks 🙂

  • bigjohn756

    Tebow looked stunned sitting on the bench near the end of the game. I imagine that he could not comprehend that his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had let him down by playing for the Pats this week.

  • Kristi

    I lol’d at this.  I am a die-hard Patriots fan, so last night was awesome for me given the fact that Tebow annoys me more than any other football player.  It was just a really sick sense of victory in my house.  We loved it.  Thanks for this great laugh, this will definitely be shared.  🙂

  • Kristi

    Is there some specific criteria that makes a story “blog-worthy”?  Last I recalled, people who blog can pretty much write about anything they want.  Get your panties untwisted. 

    And actually “The Old Lady” he DOES impose his faith on people.  Have you not read about “Tebowing” in the military and other various themes?  Our problem with him is not his faith, but that he is attempting to intertwine his faith with his career and brag about to other people. Many young children watch football, it’s an American past time with many families and children who dream to become football stars begin to think that so long as they pray to the sky daddy that they can be like Tebow. 

    Tebow reactions to his own plays are irresponsible, for he is once again giving credit to someone non existent, when the truth is it should go to himself and his teammates.  They are the ones who do the work, not any god or Jesus.  This behavior he displays is insulting.  Did he pray last night when they lost? Did he thank Jesus for letting Tom Brady do so well?

  • Kristi

    Because SNL is virtually untouchable.  I really think that even Christians (at least not the stuffy, self righteous ones) even have to laugh at this.  It is not insulting to Christianity nor Tebow… it merely makes humor out of Tebows behavior. I love it 🙂  They get away with soooo much on that show, but they hit the nail right on the head in just about every skit.  Truly an amazing show.  Thank you SNL. 

  • Balu

    Kevin, that is Hilarious. Thanks 🙂

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