More Thoughts on Christopher Hitchens December 17, 2011

More Thoughts on Christopher Hitchens

To wrap up the day, here are just a few additional links about Christopher Hitchens you might want to take a look at:

As we wait for the editorial cartoons about to emerge, let’s hope none take the easy route

Ashley honors Hitch with a proper cup of tea:

Ape, Not Monkey has a lovely sequence of Hitches:

Cyanide & Happiness explains that Hitchens may indeed be in a better place:

If you’re in Minneapolis, I’m told Saturday’s Star Tribune will post a version of my own eulogy in the print edition. (The online version has a scary assortment of comments.)

There are a few more eulogies and images to come soon. Feel free to leave links to your own favorites in the comments.

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  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Don’t be afraid to be thought arrogant and selfish.

    I’ve been doing that for awhile and it has caused a lot of people to dislike me so I must be doing something right.

  • GaR

    I’ve been making tea using the Hitch method for about the last year.  Not the greatest aspect of a great man’s legacy, but he effectively impacts my life for the better several times a day.

  • Rich Wilson

    Peter Hitchens:

    Stephen Fry:

    Larry Alex Taunton:

    And the thought I console myself with is “We die so that others may have the chance to live”

  • Rich Wilson

    Reading/listening to Hitchens made me decide to stop apologizing for things I mean to say.

  • Rich Wilson

    Oh no, she didn’t call him ‘Chris’!!!


    He won’t mind.  Now.

  • Jude

    I found Christopher Hitchens boring.  I never made it through one of his books, and his speeches and appearances were soporific.  To me, he was a boring white guy.  But to those of you who actually cared about him, you might find C-Span’s video library interesting.  They mention it on this blog post: 

  • David

    Hitchens supported the Iraq War and also supported Bush in 2004. For that, I will never forgive him. We lost 4500 soldiers, Iraq lost 100,000 civilians, and BP and the Koch brothers made billions on the oil. And Bush in ’04? If Bush hadn’t won in ’04, we would not have the financial mess. So in addition to the above, we also lost homes, banks made trillions, rich “too big to fail” folks get all the money while the 99% rots, etc. Hitchens supported and defended these policies and policymakers.

    But hey, at least we killed some Muslims/terrorists, right?

  • “We die so that others may have the chance to live”.

    That is kind-of the way I look at things too.  I don’t think it is part of any divine plan, but for life to exist in any stable sustainable form in the universe, it has to be like that.  You can’t have living without dying.  That is just the honest truth… like gravity at the surface of our planet.

    We all get a certain time on the stage of life.  Hitchens had a very good run.  He did well but now it is time for others. 

  • Stephen Cameron

    Did you hear about Hitchens deathbed conversion?

    The hospital chaplain has resigned, and is looking forward to his new life based on reason.

    (seen on reddit)

  • Anonymous

    I love the first cartoon, though it’s not technically correct. Cartoonists delight in putting the really bad guys in hell. In fact, Cagle’s Cartoon Index had a whole section of “Osama bin Laden in Hell” cartoons. But the rules for ending up in cartoon hell are a lot more strict than theological hell. Only the worst of the worst, the universally despised, are drawn in hell.

    I doubt that will be Hitchen’s fate. More likely it’ll be like when George Carlin died and they mostly revolved around tut-tutting his dirty language at the gates of Heaven. Annoying, mostly. The only tragedy is that we won’t have Hitchens around to make delightfully cutting remarks about the cartoons themselves.

  • george.w

    I’m not much of an artist but here’s my comic about Christopher Hitchens and the Pearly Gates.

    @David, Hitchens’ support for the Iraq debacle is perfect evidence that there are no perfect heroes.  They may have breastplate of iron and feet of clay. He did great good in punching holes in religion, and as you so eloquently described, awful harm in supporting the war.  But he was not responsible for the war.  That stain is much greater than any one man can carry.

  • Anonymous

    although i think i understand his reasoning, i can’t really agree that compassion should always be distrusted. i like to think that i can and should show compassion despite and/or because of my atheism. applied correctly, compassion is a wonderful thing. it makes the giver and the receiver feel good, and is better than derision and hatred. 

    that said, i too won’t forgive him for his support of the iraq war and bush. “reason” should’ve prevented him from going there. no one is perfect, but as flaws go, that one is too big to forget or forgive. 

  • Rich Wilson

    Since I always make it directly in the cup, I’ve always been a milk-into-tea type.  I gave my British ex-mother-in-law a blind taste test (blind as in she didn’t know I was doing it), and she was unable to tell the difference between milk-into-tea and tea-into-milk (milk made in pot).

    My blasphemy, and I may only utter it now that he’s dead, is that I use soymilk!  If he could roll, I’m sure he would 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Juice. That’s soy juice you…you…infidel!! 😉

  • The rightmost portrait in Ape not Monkey looks uncannily like Voldemort.

  • bigjohn756

    She did call him Chris. someone needs to tell her how much he hated being called Chris.

  • Clever…

  • Philbert

    I’m drinking English tea brewed super-strong, with milk added afterwards and no sugar. Goodbye, Hitch.

  • Pseudonym

    I like to think that Hitch would have approved of your assessment. Not agreed with it, mind you, but he would have approved.

    Remember, he did a similar job on Mother Theresa. Hitch could dish it out, but he could also take it. That is to his credit.

  • Rich Wilson

    The Thinking Atheist does a superb job as usual:

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