To Hitch. December 16, 2011

To Hitch.

We wake up to a less eloquent world today. Raise your glasses!

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

It’s Moving Day for the Friendly ..."

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  • HowardV

    Here here.

  • My sentiment exactly.

    Cheers to you Hitch!

  • Cheers.

  • BobDammit. I haz a rly big sad.

  • My sentiment exactly

    Cheers to you Hitch…

    (edit… Hemant: you can remove the “M9” comment, that was me signing with the wrong Twitter account)

  • Remember to hitchslap Jesus, God, Jehovah, Allah, Hari, Babalu-Aye,
    Virgen de la Caridad, Ron Hubbard, Shiva, Na Tuk Kong, Tabaldak, Thor, Zeus, etc., etc., in the face for us. Much love Hitch, and many cheers.

  • Anonymous

    Instead of saying “For Frodo” before attacking the enemies at the Black Gates (in LoTR) they should say “For Hitch”. Man I already miss Hitchens badly.

  • Mike

    I have a bottle of Black Label with a very short life expectancy.

  • Celtic Whisper

    To Hitch.

  • To Hitch.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Cheers Hitch.

  • Andre


  • Anonymous

    To Hitch.

    Roundup of some excellent eulogies here.

  • Anonymous

    If you really want to honor Hitchens, make a donation to the The Reason Project or another suitable charity in his name. In fact, what kind of statement would we be making if hundreds – maybe thousands – of his fans made spontaneous contributions to such charities in his name. The press would be forced to acknowlege the sudden surge of philanthropy and those charities would enjoy considerable and sudden notariety. I think that would make a marvelous memorial to him. I’m going to make my contribution to the Reason Project now.

  • Anonymous

    He will be missed, except from the Religious Reich which  is no doubt celebrating today. Probably gloating that he’s in make believe hell.

  • Sláinte Agat.

  • I hope you don’t mind I made this my twitter background, copyright in tact, of course.

  • Anonymous

    Just tell the christians that if Hitch went to hell, he now knows that his earthly life had meaning.

  • Anonymous

    That makes them look even worse than normal and is another nail in their own coffins.

  • Will

    Cheers to Hitch!

  • EJC


    Tonight I drink my favorite bottle of 15 year old Glenmorangie in your honor sir!

  • Michael

    It’s a cheap red but the thought counts.

    Also a cartoon.

  • TheBlackCat

    Cheers Hitch!  Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  • Michael D

    Happy days *clink*

  • NorDog

    I’ll toast to his memory when I get home this evening, but it will have to be Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Sorry Hitch, but I hate Scotch.

  • Ben Porter

    To Hitch, a man who was so great that if god exsist he’s sharing a drink with him.

    Jhonny Walker Black accept no substitutes.

  • To Hitch.  Much Love, Complete Respect, and Endless Admiration.  Salud!

  • Xeon2000

    18 year Laphroaig here.

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    So say we all.

  • לזכרם של כריסטופר היטצ’נס!

  • I wonder what he’d say if he saw me drinking Port this evening? “Wimp!” Nevertheless … Cheers, Hitch! 

  • Cheers Hitch, I’ll find some black label tomorrow and respect you properly.

  • guest

    I’m sorry for Hitchens’ family. Growing up with an alcoholic dad and husband who was terrified at the very thought of experiencing reality without mood altering chemicals coursing through his veins 24/7 will not have been easy.

  • Nena

    I’m having a glass of the 10-year. Love those Highland Malts.

  • greg

    That’s rather mean. Though, I could say the same thing about certain other groups “terrified at the thought of experiencing reality.”

  • Kim

    Greg, I guess you never had an alcoholic parent. Ya, the timing of his / her comment could have been better but the comment is true nevertheless.

  • Wildrumpus67

    Are you one of the Israeli Fonescas?

  • *raises bong in salute*

    To Hitch.

  • Pseudonym

    I had an alcoholic grandparent who died before his time of self-inflicted cancer. So you’ll excuse me if I don’t raise a glass to Hitch.

    But I’ll think fondly of him nonetheless.

    (By the way, don’t watch this if you’re easily offended by strong language or Australian cultural references.)

  • Fuller

    At then end of the first chapter of Hitch’s God is Not Great, he states the bible verse he read at his fathers funeral and what he would have on his lips when he too died: Ch4 Vs8 of Paul’s Letter to the Philippians

    Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

  • Steve

    I didn’t think it up, but it is true – we have all been enriched by his words and we are all diminished by his passing. I’ll raise a glass to him – he wan’t perfect, any more than any of us are, but his words were unforgetable.

  • beerslayer

    The world is a poorer place because Hitch has died, but it is a richer place because he lived.

    I can’t think of any better tribute than that.

  • Ludovico

    Hmmm… If that’s Hitch’s glass, it oughta be empty!

  • Kristin Harley

    This is beautiful, and is going on my FB wall.

  • Molly7

    Keep this in mind while you’re celebrating:  “Chronic heavy drinkers have a higher incidence of esophageal
    cancer than does the general population. The risk appears to increase as alcohol
    consumption increases . An estimated 75 percent of esophageal cancers
    in the United States are attributable to chronic, excessive alcohol consumption.”–National Institute
    on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

  • Brett Hansen

    I saw him address this in an interview.  He was pretty open about having brought it on himself (or at least helped it along pretty heavily)

  • cipher

    Here you go:

    Christopher knew that faithful Christians believe that it is appointed
    to man once to die, and after that the Judgment. He knew that we believe
    what Jesus taught about the reality of damnation. He also knew that we
    believe—for I told him—that in this life, the door of repentance is
    always open. A wise Puritan once noted what we learn from the
    last-minute conversion of the thief on the cross—one, that no one might
    despair, but only one, that no one might presume. We have no
    indication that Christopher ever called on the Lord before he died, and
    if he did not, then Scriptures plainly teach that he is lost forever.

  • cipher

    To Hitch.

  • I am…. well not really, I’m one of the Jewish Fonsecas still in Diaspora 😉

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