I Missed Out On All This Growing Up… December 16, 2011

I Missed Out On All This Growing Up…

Daniel Florien highlights ten things ex-Christian Fundamentalists miss about the faith:

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  • Darn good list.

    I miss having an excuse to work on a dead language by reading along with my Latin Bible (mail ordered right from the Vatican). Bible study classes are basically book clubs. I like books! In fact, growing up fundamentalist may be an important reason why I’m in grad school for Library Science now.

    The superiority thing was a _down_side for me. I was in the Church of Christ which is this tiny mostly-American sect that believes all other Christians aren’t really saved because they don’t baptize right and because they play musical instruments in church. So I believed 99.x% of everyone was going to be tormented in Hell forever. Sucked.

    What I probably miss the most are hymns. I mean, some of the best songwriters for centuries had to make their music Christian even if it was just the name (e.g. Bach’s “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring). Lyrics that have stuck around since they used to be in German tend to be pretty good.

    And, obviously, potluck was awesome.

  • Rich Wilson

    That’s male hooker’s ass, thank you very much!

  • Spencer

    There’s something the author missed that someone posted in the comments: people have to be nice to you. Even if it’s a superficial niceness, it’s still nice.

  • Jess

    Eh, I could have done without the ones who were nice to me in church on Sunday, but too good to even share breathing space with me between 8 am Monday morning and 3:30 PM Friday afternoon. That gets confusing when you’re a kid.

  • Jess

    Oooh yeah I do miss the potlucks! My mother couldn’t cook her way out of a TV dinner box so getting to go to those, where every old biddy in the congregation pulled out that one special dish she knew would have people talking, omg those rocked.

  • Being a “Christian child” was more like LARPing, thought it was confusing as I never quite understood the rules or pretty much anything about what I was supposed to do. So I guess I just did what most children do, played along because other people seemed to understand what was going on, and hope I’d get it sooner or later.

  • Appledore

    I have to admit I’m a little baffled by potlucks being on the list. Since when was god necessary as an excuse for potluck? I’m going to a party next week at a friends place for the solstice and it’s a potluck, half the guests are atheists and the rest are pseudo-pagans.

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