Every Time a Christian Complains About an Atheist Billboard… December 14, 2011

Every Time a Christian Complains About an Atheist Billboard…

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  • Definitely loving these comics. Keep ’em coming!

  • Sarah

    Why is the character in these cartoons a little alien? I assume that’s what that is. Maybe I’m missing something.

  • Michael

    Yeah… it looks like those two alien Muppets from Sesame Street that used to go “awwwwww!  yep! yep! yep! yep! yep!!”

  • Yukimk

    I always though it was a spaguetti monster but it seems more like an alien.

  • Chelsea Sky Link

    There’s a difference between church signs inviting people in and atheist billboards directly attacking somebody else’s beliefs. No matter your opinion on where to draw the line with billboard etiquette, it’s just disingenuous to compare those two phenomena.

  • Is “Don’t believe in God? Neither do we!” more offensive than “Believe in God? So do we!”

    The idea is that there are very few Atheist billboards, but them existing is always very controversial. Christian ones announcing mass, however, go unchecked.

  • Chelsea Sky Link

    And before the internet gets going misinterpreting me, I just want to point out that I’m not saying all atheist billboards directly attack other people’s beliefs. For example, I’m a big fan of the “be good for goodness’s sake” billboards and similar. But, just to take an example to clarify my point, the billboards with pictures of Santa, Jesus, Satan, Zeus, etc. saying “37 million Americans know myths when they see them” are clearly of a different nature than a sign saying “today’s sermon: the gift of grace, 11 am, sunday school at 12” or something like that.

  • Rod Chlebek

    I keep going back and forth on whether to be sensitive or not. Today, I ask “what’s the point of not being harsh if, no matter what you do, the opinions stay the same?”

  • The Captain

    What about “Repent or go to Hell”, or “Accepting Jesus is the only way to save yourself” church signs and the like? Do you consider them to be “attacking” other peoples faiths too?

  • Johann

    Interesting.  So it would be perfectly fine if we stuck more closely to the church advertising model by putting up billboards saying “Come for the donuts!” and then, at the meetings, explained how all those other people are wrong and bad and dangerous to know?

  • Drew M.

    Oh my! Thanks for the blast from the past!


  • Rod Chlebek

    Further, I’m a little pissy right now. I hear what they say about us. Parts of Notre Dame think New Aheists are crass and irreverent. I emailed them to talk. No fucking response. I emailed the Ft. Wayne Diocese about adopt an atheist and even left it open for conversation. No fucking response. I’ve sent FOUR messages to catholicleague. Yep, you guessed it… NFR. I’ve tweeted or emailed about a dozen other priests, churches or individuals. Holy shit, 3 responded. It’s a miracle. One said “what’s the point” and the other said she would “pray for me”.
    Wanna know why I’m pissed? It’s because someone is talking ABOUT me like I’m a second class citizen but they don’t want to talk TO me.

  • We are an obnoxious lot…

  • Anonymous

    The “What myths do you see” billboard is a tremendous public service.

  • Remember, every time you erect an atheist billboard an angel dies…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, church billboards telling people that they are sinners, that their lives are worthless and/or that they are going to hell are perfectly harmless, inclusive and non-offensive….right…

    Never mind that many atheist billboards aren’t actually targeted at Christians, but other atheists

  • Anonymous

    I thought the character was a slug.

    Why shouldn’t they use the “myths” billboard? If the more kind billboards have taught us anything is that there will be controversy no matter what the billboard says. So why not make one that causes discussion and thinking as well.

  • Rabid

    If these are the same “Myths” billboards that were talked about last year as well, I have the same problem with them as I (and others) had when they were used previously. The wording is something that the atheist/skeptic community would jump all over and rightfully criticise if it came from any other camp. We should know better.

    They don’t make me mad, personally, and I’m as amused at theists getting mad at them as any other form of atheist advertisement. If they want to use them, they can go ahead, but they’re still badly thought out signs.

  • Rabid

    No-one is misinterpreting you. They understood the point you were making just fine. And they are pointing out why you are wrong.

  • I like the “Go Jesus!” plane… nice touch 🙂

  • as a former homeless person, welcome to the world of the underdog!!! as a fellow athiest, i say: MORE BILLBOARDS … and where are our TV spots??? 😉 keep the un-faith, baby

  • Anonymous

    Having Roman execution devices all over the landscape is horribly offensive. 

  • Anonymous

    so stealing that. thanks!

  • Sarah

    Hahahaha this is full of win!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good thing that billboards come in different styles and with different messages.  They appeal to different people and target different audiences.

  • my local church signs tell me daily (if I were to read them) that I am a horrible person… I haven’t seen a single atheist board yet telling people that they are bad people.. (just mistaken 😉

  • JenL

    True.  They are different.  And “Hell is real” (written in flames, no less) is a different creature from “Jesus loves you!  Love him back Sunday at 10!”  

    And beyond “hell is real” are the billboards like this one – http://www.reversestreetads.com/blog/2011/06/09/the-church-billboard-from-hell/.

    Why is it okay for them to tell me I’ll go to hell for failing to share their beliefs, but overly aggressive of me to say they’re wrong?

  • Those American Atheist billboards ain’t got nothing on the Church bulletins i see daily….JUST SAYIN’

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps, but no one has been able to tell me how many of these angels can dance on the head of a pin, so we still have no idea how many of them are out there!

  • The simplest reason would be artistic preference; I’ve been drawing these particular creations for over a decade, and they’ve kept the same shape: somewhere between aliens and slugs.

  • James

    What is adopt an atheist? It sounds interesting.

  • Sullywa2

    You are pathetic! Despite that, I will pray for you. Put your time into helping something, not debunking it. Merry Chistmas! Jesus loves you.

  • Heicart

    By debunking the crazy aspects of religion, that is “helping.” It’s fine for churches to collect people for good causes and social support. But if they would do it for the sake of helping other people in their society, rather than because of a delusional belief in a supernatural system of rewards and punishments, that would be helpful. Christians are killing their own children in Nigeria, because they believe they are witches. They are killing gays in Nigeria, because god finds them abominable and said they should be killed, and their deaths are on their own heads. In the U.S., Christians largely supported Prop 8 and other weapons against equality under the law for gays. Christians undermine real sex education, access to and information about birth control and STD protection, and undermine women’s rights and autonomy. If they’d stick to social good deeds and social support for people, that would be great. But they don’t. They are driven by delusional beliefs in a supernatural regulation giver, and that is where the harm comes in. By “debunking” the irrational “supernatural” aspects of the system, it will help to improve it a great deal. So, while you may feel attacked, in reality, atheists are doing you a great favor–trying to help you maintain the “good” aspects of your belief system, and filter out the damaging aspects…So, you’re welcome.

  • Heicart

    Correction: The “kill gays” push is actually Christians in Uganda. It’s in other areas as well, but it’s at its worst there.

  • Actually, I AM helping something. Just not your beliefs.

  • Thackerie

    Wow! A character from 2000 years ago who may not have existed at all “loves” me! I am so impressed.

  • Mmm, if a billboard tells you that you are a sinner and you listen to them and feel guilty…who’s fault is it?

    Christians billboards that tell you that you will go to hell are targeted at ignorant people, whether they are christians or not. Christians billboards that invite you to their faith/church are just that: invitations that you either accept or ignore.

  • The “yob yob” guys? FUCK YEAH!

  • Well… that depends on the size of their feet and what dance they’re doing, of course!

  • *SMH*

  • Anonymous

    No, they are different billboards. The “You know it is all a myth” billboard was pretty lame. This year brought a banner that has the pictures of Santa, Neptune, Christ and Satan. Says X % Americans know a myth when they see it. What myths do you see?

  • Liz Heywood

    At my house we say, “Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings…pulled off.”  : )

  • Soul Coughing

    I just don’t get some atheists, I really start to think there are two distinct groups.  1. Those were were atheist as long as they can remember, going back into early childhood pretty much. 2. Converts.  The converts piss me off because they want to preach all god damn day about religion and how silly or stupid it is or just have a debate on the subject.  They, like this comic implies, try to throw it in your face.  Now the person who has been atheist all their life, they don’t care so much to debate it or call it stupid or silly.  We made our minds up a long time ago, but it is because I just think religion is a waste of time so therefore I DON’T WANT TO BE BOTHERED WITH IT.  I don’t want to preach, I don’t want to debate, I can go to friends/families religious events and not think I’m better than everyone or that their beliefs are stupid.  I don’t like religion so much that I hate the fact that there is a name for a person like that (atheist).  I don’t want to be labeled by any name, I just don’t believe in something.  Is there a name for someone who doesn’t believe in unicorns? 

  • Michael3ov

     I do not think he said he feels guilty. The problem is perpetuating this type of ignorant B.S. The problem is frightening the next generation into thinking they will burn in hell if they do not think like them.

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