Atheist Billboards Go Up in Salt Lake City December 13, 2011

Atheist Billboards Go Up in Salt Lake City

The Freedom From Religion Foundation just put up four billboards (rather, two basic images in four locations) in Salt Lake City to mark the holiday season — it marks their first billboard campaign in Utah:

FFRF has more than 17,000 nonreligious members nationwide, but its Utah membership, at 102 persons, is on the slim side. FFRF hopes its billboard campaign will change that.

“We want the nonreligious — freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and other skeptics — in Utah to know they are not alone,” says Dan Barker, a former evangelical minister who now co-directs FFRF.

They’ll be up through the beginning of the New Year.

I feel bad for the local media. How will they *ever* find someone who opposes the signs…?

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  • I feel bad for the local media. How will they *ever* find someone who opposes the signs…?

    I don’t know, Hemant.  But they might be able to find someone.

  • FFRF has much nicer billboards than American Atheists.  They have a cleaner, more polished design and are definitely not as…troll-baity.

  • Trace

    I was thinking the same. Maybe they should send AA the name(s) of their graphic designer(s)?

  • Anonymous

    The response shall be interesting, I bet that much. I won’t be betting $10,000 like Mitt Romney though.

  • Chris Slaby

    I “oppose” the second billboard because, if you think about it, it doesn’t quite make sense. “Imagine No Religion.” On the image of a stained glass window. Right, because stained glass windows are most commonly not associated with religion. I’m not saying stained glass windows make up for all the bad of religion, and I still agree with the hope for no religion in the future, but to connect the sentiment of no religion with the imagery of a beautiful stained glass window doesn’t really make sense/get the point across. I understand that it does look very nice, and perhaps the message is that we can still have these beautiful things, the positive things of religion, without religion itself, but if the point is trying to suggest a world without religion, using an image that is most often associated, positively, with religion doesn’t have as much of an effect. Now, if there was an image of a plane flying into one of the Twin Towers or of a “witch” being burned, I feel like that would be more effective, and it would just be more logical. 

  • Bob Becker

    In re: FFRF being “not as troll-baity.” 

    Not always. I’ve been thinking of letting my membership lapse, mostly over one of their billboards last season I thought was awful.  It was the one of a big jolly Santa Claus saying “Yes, Virginia, there is not

    You don’t go after kids with a campaign like that.  Bad idea. And that board targeted kids. I don’t like it when fundies do it, and I like it even less when we do it.  

    The SLC signs are much better, and I’m impressed that FFRF decided to erect them in the belly of the beast,  Utah.  [Though SLC is hardly the heart of believing Utah.  Utah County would have been a better choice for that.]  Still, I’m glad to see them there.

    Maybe I’ll rethink my decision not to renew.

  • Athena_brighteyes

    This is GREAT! I wish they’d infiltrated the Mormon corridor (ie Morridor) about 5 years ago when I was still living there. Would have been a nice balance next to the Family Radio and anti-evolution mind-rot that pollutes the view from the highway.

  • Anonymous

    The local media, even KSL, finds a way to cover the story without injecting the Mormon word into it.  Channel 2 News does the best (as they did when the CoR billboard went up on SR-201 highway this year).

    I’m not sure where these billboards are, but will look for them when I am out and about.

  • I disagree, stained glass windows are very much associated with religion. Specifically with churches. I was raised catholic in Rome and there is hardly a church I have visited that didn’t have stained glass windows. 
    In popular culture stained glass windows graphics have been used as a stand in for church and religion many times. I think the message is clear as a bell. In fact I think both billboards are clever and well done. 

    Probably we differ in our experience of religious iconography. Maybe baptists don’t use stained glass windows in their churches? I wouldn’t know, never been in one of theirs, but I have sure been in catholic churches.

  • The “Imagine no religion” one actually went up in Utah county, on I-15, 2 miles north of Spanish Fork.

  • Bob Becker

    TY.  Now that truly is putting one up in the belly of the beast.  So to speak.  

  • TheBlackCat

    Stained glass windows have been common in Methodist, Episcopal, and Presbyterian churches I have seen.

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