The Non-Christian History of Christmas December 12, 2011

The Non-Christian History of Christmas

Is there anything Christian about Christmas?

TheThinkingAtheist takes us through a history of the holiday in To XMAS and Beyond!:

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  • “Is there anything Christian about Christmas?”

    Well, there is the “Christ” in Christmas, and the Nativity. But that is about it. Relatively not much.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    That video just
    proved why I started to read the bible and then became confused.

    I really want
    to read the bible but I’m not sure my brain will allow me to do so.

  • Trackermom

    Very nice.  I look forward to replying to some mass email about the putting the Christ back in Christmas with this!

    BTW, I went to The Florida Family website  to get more names of companies to write to telling them I was now boycotting them, this is what I found

  • Rich Wilson

    What happened to photoshop-token-black-guy?

  • and that is why I continue to celebrate it now 🙂 even through belief/religion changes because my love for christmas never had anything to do with Christ lol

  • Anonymous

    I love giftmas.

  • Trace

    Solsticeists and their repugnant lies…

  • Trace


  • At least now Florida Family realizes that a lot of people don’t agree with them.

  • Anonymous

    Bill O’Reilly defends Christmas against evil Atheist overlords!

  • p4ul47

    And they are crying and whining. Why are they complaining about? It is because we wrote to the companies in their name with a different message? XP Is it that we DDOS their page accidentally? IS it tey received mail telling them they are complete racists jerks? I’m kinda curious because they don’t say what “the others” have done to them.

  • I think that more Christians would be receptive to this video if it didn’t include the section on discrepancies in the Bible (some of which aren’t as bas as the video makes them out to be). The beginning section on the origins of winter festivals was very good and had a lot of interesting facts. What they don’t mention, however, is that Jesus’ birth would probably have occurred in May, not December. Most theologians would concede that the winter solstice was co-opted by Christians as a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth, and I think there’s even historical evidence showing when the Pope placed it on December 25th. Most Christians aren’t aware of that, and could use some enlightenment on the subject. Once the video moves into the Bible confusion those Christians would probably close the browser tab and not get the message.

  • I agree that the bible discrepancies section should probably be a separate video. And what’s going on with the sound? tinny!
    Otherwise, a useful video. I’ve pretty much explained all of this to everyone I know, but you never know, they might need a refresher!

  • 🙂

    It was so true when Bill shouted down baby Jesus at the end.

  • Corby Ziesman

    If you enjoy the stuff in this video about inconsistencies regarding Jesus birth, I *highly* recommend the book “Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All” by David Fitzgerald (can find it on Amazon or Smashwords).  It goes in to great detail about all of this and is very well researched.

  • Well… the Nativity isn’t all that original, either…

  • Yukimi

    Sadly the website is back on now.

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