Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson in an Awesome Interview December 11, 2011

Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson in an Awesome Interview

Are there any two people you’d more want to see in a room together than Stephen Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson? (Especially when Colbert isn’t in character!)

No. No there aren’t. I don’t care what you say in the comments. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Claudia for the link)

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  • Donalbain

    Romeo and Juliet is “American literature”?

  • Daniel Clements

    I always understood that Stephen “cole-BEAR” was a character played by Stephen “COLE-bert”. Does he use his stage pronunciation all the time now?  

  • Gunstargreen

    I watched this the other day on, it’s as hilarious as it is uplifting and educational. I especially love the bit about the Titanic.

  • Trace

    I just finished watching it. Dr. Tyson is quite the communicator. Thanks for sharing, Claudia.

  • Ryan

    Read the fourth paragraph – he goes by “cole-BEAR” but it seems like other members of his family go with “COLE-bert.”

  • Ryan

    Sorry, should give you the link:

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, isn’t it? The very last Tyson sentence was the cherry on the cake. He’s really something special.

  • Baconsbud

    Yeah I noticed that also. You would think the head master would know better then that. 

    As to the rest of the video, I wish I had had someone at the school I attended who could show the type of excitement for knowledge that Dr. Tyson has. This is probably a video that every school should run at least once a year.

  • Bluebury

    I am so glad I watched that!
    I wish I could have seen someone get that excited about science back when I was in jr high!  What an amazing, impassioned speaker he is!

  • I love Neil. What an awesome, eloquent, and passionate man. I think he was a bit too dismissive of the “why anything at all” question though. This might be because I’m a philosopher and not a scientist, but surely if you’re going to play the logical positivist card on that question, you ought to say something substantive about why the question doesn’t make sense. (E.g. that absolute nothingness is not a genuine possibility because you’re a Lewisian about possible worlds or something.) Yes, I do realise it was just a light-hearted last question and that he was asked to answer in the very short remaining time. I just hear the whole “it’s not a meaningful question” all too often and I’ve very rarely heard it as anything but a flat assertion. Oh well. What an amazing interview. Both Stephen and Neil were in top form.

  • Jason

    its to bad the guy who introduced them referred to Romeo and Juliet as American literature, otherwise i could have said this was the perfect video

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