You Have to See What’s Inside This Place… December 9, 2011

You Have to See What’s Inside This Place…

Now we know the real reason as to why so many atheist scientists are taking their children to church:

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  • Trace


  • I would not wish the inanity I grew up with on my worst enemy!

  • Mrsmullen22

    For me it is more about the fear factor. Kids have such big imaginations… the last thing I would want would be to put a child in the position to be frightened by scary stories about fire and eternal torment.

  • Anonymous

    i read “inanity” as “insanity” … perhaps more appropriate!

  • It’s a toss-up between crazy and silly.

  • Nazani14

    Just wanted to say that I love church  architecture.  The vaulted interiors, the cherubs, the gold leaf….  If one cleared out the pews they’d make wonderful clubs:  orchestra in the altar area, refreshments in the choir loft, dancing  in the nave.
    For more vulgar entertainments, pick one of the atrocities built during the 60s.

  • As a student of art history myself, I appreciate the older buildings that were direct or indirect descendants of the Roman temple lineage…and just like we can admire the Roman temples without believing in their pantheon, so too can we admire the later Christian architecture without believing in their god.

  • Politisis

    Agree with you and Matthew!

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