Please Don’t Wish Me a Merry Christmas December 9, 2011

Please Don’t Wish Me a Merry Christmas

Over at, a music site where remixing is the norm, Kara (better known as Mind Map That) has written a really catchy song called “Please Don’t Wish Me a Merry Christmas” 🙂

You can stream it right here.

You have to appreciate a chorus that goes like this:

Please don’t wish me a Merry Christmas (ho, ho, ho)
Please just skip to a Happy New Year (fa-la-la)
Please don’t wish me a Merry Christmas (ho, ho, ho)
Though I hope yours is filled of love and cheer.

I don’t even care if people say the phrase to me, but I’m *so* putting that song on repeat in my place over the next month… (and after you listen to it, so will you!)

If you have the skills to do so, you’re welcome to remix the song, cover it, use it in a show, post it online, share it, etc. (Just do the right thing, though, and give Kara credit.)

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  • Trace

    The chorus was cute…

  • Gosh, that’s a stupid song.  I’m still waiting for a decent atheist anthem.

  • That was just gawdawful.

  • Melody

    I think it’s very rude to wish people a merry Christmas when you don’t know them. Why are Christian traditions the default? How do you not know I’m not Jewish… or an atheist that doesn’t celebrate? I make a point of telling people that I don’t celebrate when they say it. People need to learn not to be so presumptuous and ethnocentric. 

    It’s not at the level of an anthem, but it’s better than the stuff we were just subjected to…

  • Instead of rejecting Christmas, I’ve simply taken it over for myself as an atheist holiday. I both give and receive the phrase “Merry Christmas” without flinching because it has no religious significance for me whatsoever. Remember, before it was Christian, it was pagan. There’s no reason it cannot now be a secular holiday. It is for me and my family.

  • I LOVE it. It’s NOT disrespectful of Christians, and is very positive and upbeat. Hemant, this song’s attitude is right up your alley. One of the reasons I love you is because you are SO dedicated to humanity, and not to dogmatism (even atheists can be dogmatic and hostile!). Yes, enjoy Christmas if you want to, or invent your own celebration, whatever — but let’s be inclusive, not exclusive! 🙂

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    This song is bad ass. I love the beat….

    I need a download link now. I shall not be pleased with just streaming.

  • The Vicar

    I prefer Eric Idle’s “F*** Christmas”, which is on his website:

  • Bob Becker

    Anyone wants to wish me a Merry Christmas, feel free.  Or a Happy New Year.  Or a Happy Holidays.  Or  send me Season’s Greetings.   Or wish me a Happy Winter Solstice [after all, it’s the reason for the season].  

    Seems about as silly to get snarky over being wished a Merry Christmas as it does getting snarky over not being wished a Merry Christmas.  

    All seasonal expressions of good will and  happiness for me and mine happily accepted and returned in kind. 

  • I think you are conceding the christian claim to own christmas. It does not belong to them.

  • Drew M.

    That was painful…

  • Yukimi

    Music taste is certainly personal.

  • Thank you for sharing this, Hemant.  I’m really glad you enjoyed it!  And thanks for listening folks, even if you weren’t a fan of it.  🙂

  • Trace


  • Jen

    I say “Merry Christmas” because it’s a lot faster than saying “Merry Pretty Lights, Gifties, Outdoor Decorating Wars, Obnoxious Relative’s Newsletters, And Waaaay Too Much Fattening Food Day”. Also because I’ve been saying it for 41 years and it’s just a reflex this time of year. The fact that some people (typically women) insist on reading WAAAY more into the meaningless phrase than is usually intended is rather presumptuous in itself. I don’t give a crap if or what you celebrate. I’m just trying to be nice.

  • Devious Soybeans

    Exactly. I try to take a greeting as just that – a greeting. I think a
    sincerely stated, “Happy Holidays” is much more in the “spirit of the season”
    than a righteously bellowed, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” from the Christmas Warriors, but
    the reverse is true, too. It’s the intent behind the words that matter to me.  

  • Deven Kale

    I disagree. Equally ear-bleeding.

  • Melody

    It’s cultural imperialism. Period. 

  • Anonymous

    “Christmas with its spirit of giving offers us each
     a chance to reflect on what we most deeply and
     sincerely believe in.  I refer, of course, to money.”
      — Tom Lehrer

  • She sounds so adorable. 
    I like it overall. Nice message. ^_^

  • Thanks, Natalie.  I purposely kept the song super-positive; I’m really glad that stood out.  I also love this site for it’s dedication to humanity.  Thanks again!

  • Thank you, Kevin! 

  • How kind!  Thanks, Mara.  😀

  • Thank you, Trace. 

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I sent you a friend request for your facebook page. You will know the first name and the last name, you will figure it out.

    Love your voice.

  • Nitelite

    I don’t understand what the big deal is…If you are Jewish, tell me: “Happy Hanukkah”If you are a Christian, tell me: “Merry Christmas”If you are African American, tell me: “Joyous Kwanzaa”If you don’t prefer those, tell me: “Happy Holidays”I will not be offended.I will be thankful you took the time to say something nice to me.

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