Pray Harder December 8, 2011

Pray Harder

Given yesterday’s post about Liz Heywood, this seemed appropriate:

"Aren't people who choose that sort of thing called "gender-fluid?" That's very different from "trans.""

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  • Trace

    Humor is such a personal thing, I know, and yet when it comes to the death of a loved one…


  • Anonymous

    Well the humor is the tragedy. It’s black humor and it references those folks who let their kids die because they believe prayer rather than going to a doctor is the proper course of action. Fortunately those folks are few and their actions find them in jail.

  • Cutencrunchy

    This isn’t just humor though this is the suggestion that instead of burying our heads in the sand and saying we have the answers and solutions.. realizing that praying and god are not moving us forward but rather crippling our growth and ability to win football games. 

  • bigjohn756

    This would make a dandy T-shirt, but, the drawing would have to be modified to be more quickly recognizable by a passing reader.

  • Chakolate

    Okay, buy me a vowel, please?  What are those things that look like trash cans with antennae?

  • Great to see MJ get published here. He’s got a great perspective. 

    Keep up the great work, MJ. 

  • Buster

    Not all cartoons are meant to be funny. Rather than raising a chuckle, I think this one is intended to raise awareness. A great job.

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