College Atheists Donate Gifts to Families in Need December 6, 2011

College Atheists Donate Gifts to Families in Need

Getting into the giving spirit of the holidays, the Illini SSA at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign teamed up with some of their friends to brighten up some families’ day for the second year in a row!

They participated with Interfaith in Action, the Jain Student Association, the Navigators, and the Newman Catholic Center to participate in The Giving Tree, a holiday charity where groups can adopt families for the holidays and then donate gifts for that person or family.


While there were several groups, Outreach Chair Derek Miller‘s group had three girls and a boy to shop for. They had a fantastic time shopping for their family and arguing over which Pokemon is best. (My vote is for Luxray, but maybe not for other girls!)


ISSA and friends hung around with the family after giving gifts, and spent time racing cars, battling Pokemon, and hanging out with cats. The family was so thankful and seemed to enjoy their time.


I love cats, even if Hemant doesn't. Hemant's wrong.


At the end, one of the little girls gave Derek a thank you card. It’s absolutely adorable and so sweet.


How could you say no to handwriting like that? It’s great to see more student groups involved in stuff like this for the holidays, either with an Interfaith group or by themselves.

ISSA is also having a blood drive this Friday Thursday, so if you’re in the Urbana-Champaign area, stop by and give them your blood! Holiday blood!

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  • JD

    That’s awesome!  Keep up the good work… (just wish they purchased the items somewhere other than WalMart…heh)

  • Anonymous

    This further proves that I REALLY need to go to grad school at the Univ. of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.
    JD, most big box retailers are anti-union and chalk full of toys made in sweatshops. It wouldn’t have mattered if they bought them at Target, Toys-R-Us, etc.

  • Anonymous

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