Reddit Atheists Have Raised Nearly $200,000 for Doctors Without Borders December 5, 2011

Reddit Atheists Have Raised Nearly $200,000 for Doctors Without Borders

Reddit Atheists are on a roll with their fundraising for Doctors Without Borders over the past couple of days — several users offered to donate a few cents (or more) for every “Upvote” given to them:

Granted, some of those links are fake (thanks, 4chan), many are genuine. And all together, they’re close to their goal of raising $200,000.

If you’d like to help them come over the top, consider chipping in here.

That lovely sound you hear is silence from anyone who says we need a god to be good.

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  • Anonymous

    $200,000? Wow, that’s very impressive. I’ve participated in a couple of rounds of MSF drives from the Youtube atheist community, but I think the highest we ever got was $33,000 or so. Money is a little too tight for comfort this year, unfortunately, but when things get better I’ll decide if I get MSF or FBB membership.

  • Phelps-san

    You might want to revise the title, they’re currently at around $160K. The $200k figure is the current target.

    Though I wouldn’t be surprised if the reach that number in a few more days.

  • The goal has been beaten and raised several times since this drive started! When we help them beat $200 000 they will just raise to goal again! I love this. Sure you get a moving target, but it is in line with real goals of charity, and recognizes a single amount doesn’t have a tangible result. Imagine if more charities operated this way.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    R/Atheism was a nightmare last night. I’m glad people are donating but it would have been nice if they could have had some mods cleaning up the bullshit post.

  • Efrique

    Hey, thanks for linking to my blog Hemant.

    Ron said: The goal has been beaten and raised several times since this drive started!

    Yes, damn those atheists, they just keep moving the goalposts.

    The 200K figure may take a little longer, since the upvote posts had to stop – it was killing reddit. But the money is still going in, suprisingly quickly.

  • matty

    a link to the /r/christianity fundraiser for the world vision clean water fund is on the /r/atheism  page linked here. a significant % of the people donating are signing off there donations with; “r/atheism, goodwithoutgod” etc…  lolz

  • Deanna Joy Lyons

    The atheists are donating to World Vision? That place was ruled a “church” in a legal case last year, so they could discriminate against their employees for having a slightly different version of christianity. They spend some of their money (unknown how much exactly) on proselytizing. I must’ve read this wrong. 🙂

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