New Campus Atheist Group at Colgate December 1, 2011

New Campus Atheist Group at Colgate

Colgate University is home to a brand new atheist group — Colgate Secular Association of Skeptical Students — and their first meeting is this Saturday!

Gotta love the last line of their description 🙂

If you’re in the Hamilton, New York area, go check them out!

For what it’s worth, the group is not yet officially recognized by the school — but the leaders tell me they don’t foresee any problems with that. (***Edit***: The Office of the Chaplains at Colgate does recognize the group, allowing them access to meeting rooms and some funding, but the group is not “official” as far as the school’s student government goes. That’ll happen soon, barring any problems.)

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  • Go Colgate atheists! FWIW, Colgate was one of my favourite colleges during my college visits.

  • Patrick Dunn

    cheez-us chrismas, again with the baby-eating thing.  give it a rest, man.

  • Better contact Colgate SASS – it’s their text.

  • Pizza and pie at an Atheist group meeting?? AWESOME! I wish I could go…  🙂

  • Mark

    Point of clarification– the group is recognized by the Office of the Chaplains at Colgate (I’m the University Chaplain, so I know these things!) and they’ve got a budget and access to room booking and all that.  What they don’t yet have is recognition by the student government as an official student activities group.  They’re going to work on recognition once the group has had a few meetings.  The chaplains recognize the importance of having secular students as part of the broader conversation and we’ve been working closely with the leader to help them get things going.  Anyway, these guys are First Years and they’ve been terrific to work with.  

  • Patrick Dunn

    I was referencing Hemant’s “gotta love the last line” and his never-ending insistence on how funny this idea supposedly is.  So, yes, Hemant, please give it a rest, I beg of you.

  • Doug

    So happy atheists at Colgate are carrying the torch! I actually tried to start a Colgate Skeptics group when I was there, and got approval with the SGA without any problems, so I imagine they’ll be fine. And by “try to start,” I mean that I got started at the beginning of my senior year, got the approval by the end of the semester, but didn’t have time in the spring to really do anything with the group. 

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