Give the Gift of Secular Generosity November 28, 2011

Give the Gift of Secular Generosity

Here’s a present that you can give to anyone on your list… certainly a compassionate Humanist, though I’d love to see an atheist give it to a theistic relative 🙂

The Foundation Beyond Belief is offering gift memberships at a variety of donation levels (starting at $5/month). You pay for a one-year membership and the recipients will get all the information they need to choose the charities they want to support. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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  • Thefoghorn

    Hi. Sorry to be off-topic but I’ve had a eurika moment and need to get a debate going.

    I believe the Ark of the Covenant is housed in the Kaaba in Mecca and was originally found my muslims in a cave in Mount Sinai, which I also believe was in Saudi. This would explain the origins of Islam and the loss of the Ark.

    Please keep watching my blog for more updates…



  • (Ahem) Back on topic, this is a nice gift idea. I know someone for whom this would be very appropriate.