We’ve All Been There, Neil November 25, 2011

We’ve All Been There, Neil

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  • Anonymous

    Boooo scientists! Booo Norman Borlaug! Booo the hundreds of millions of human beings alive today thanks to to him!

    Urgh. To be fair, not all Christians are that ungrateful and childish. When I was in the Edinburgh cathedral (Episcopalian) and the pastor/bishop (who was a woman) as a part of her sermon asked people to be thankful for different people, with a small explanation for each. She included being thankful for scientists, who through their discoveries make all our lives better.

    Then again, the visiting insturmental band at the cathedral also played, among other pieces, Bohemian Rhapsody, so I’m guessing they were WAY more enlightened than your average American baptist church.

  • Thus the others showed true christian compassion, forgiveness and love

  • Michael

    You cannot be good without science.

  • I know people really do thank god for everything, but I cant quite make myself believe it. It seems so cheesy and clearly false.

  • My p year-old son said he was thankful for technology.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    A couple years ago my sister and her family came to visit. I steamed silently while they said grace to thank God for the food I had bought, cooked and served.

  • I don’t know about “true christian compassion, forgiveness and love”, but they certainly demonstrated true christian understanding.

  • Marylynne7

    My sister and her family came over last night.   As we were about to eat she said, “Is it OK – do you mind if we pray?  If it’s OK with you?”   I said, “Uh – sure, you do what you need to do.  I need to . . .go find some TV trays,”  and left the room.   My older daugher, 14, also an atheist, said, “I have to pee,” and left.   My younger daughter, 10, said, “I’ll pray!  I’m Catholic!”   My sister said, “Sure, that counts!” (that bugged me the most – how gracious of her to allow other Christian sects to pray).   My husband was actually out of the room getting TV trays and ran to join the prayer-in-session since he is Catholic too.   She’s now Church of Christ so it wasn’t the quick Catholic “Bless us our lord our daily bread,” it was holding hands and going on and on.   

    I’m glad that I’m now comfortable with not participating in this in any circumstance.  The next step is to go ahead and load my plate.  it strikes me as Christian privilege to expect me to stand around and let food get cold while they talk to themselves.    

  • guest

    This used to be my attitude, but as my friends and family have accepted my atheism, I’ve accepted their superstitions.  If we have holidays at our house I even ask if anyone wants to say grace. 
    The most accepted I’ve ever felt was the first time we went to dinner at some new friends house. They said they always prayed before meals and if we minded if they did then. 

  • Rich Wilson

    Don’t worry Neil, science has a long history of correcting the errors of religion.

    (or a shorter version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMXHKixqOM8)

  • Lori Lenz

    gods and religion aside….I would NOT be thanking “science” for the food we receive today. Our food system in North America is badly broken as a result of corporations and their so-called science.

  • dauntless

    Good point. Companies like Monsanto and Syngenta are ruining global agricultural sustainability and diversity. This isn’t an anti-science screed, since I’m a molecular biologist who works with plants. But I’m horrified by the lack of ethics inspired by corporate  greed in the field.

  • I am thankful to god for giving me the first half of one of my most favorite curse words… because it just doesn’t work as well when I substitute in Gary or Thaddeus.

  • Geeforson

    He didn’t “not accept” their religion, he just didn’t take part in it when it came to his turn to be “thankful”. Do you actually thank God for things just to appease your friends?

  • Greisha

    Booing him?  That is just ridicules.

  • guest

    No, but I don’t object or make fun of them when they do.
    As long as they respect my beliefs, I’ll respect theirs.

  • Griefbeyondbelief

    Stories like this always make me glad I was raised by an agnostic and a secular Jew.  

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