Look Again at That Pale Blue Dot November 25, 2011

Look Again at That Pale Blue Dot

Singer Anthony David just released the video for his new song “#locationlocationlocation.” Listening to the lyrics, it’s clear how much of an influence Carl Sagan had on him.

David writes in an email:

It was inspired by Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” and the whole idea of the Goldilocks zone we inhabit. It goes from there to humanist values, punctuated by visuals of a recent trip I took to Kenya on a humanitarian mission. The video actually opens up in the Rift Valley. I dedicated it to the recently deceased Nobel Prize Winner, Wangari Maathai, who did much to forward Kenya’s progress with her tireless work towards conserving the resources of our planet.

I can’t wait to hear a church choir sing a rendition of this song…

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  • Anonymous

    Hemant, it’s Anthony David, with no s.

    Can I just mention how delicious it is that one of the first prominent out and proud Humanist singers the community has is a “soul” singer? Makes me giggle.

    Another one for the iTunes collection. For now it’s only available as a video, so I hope Anthony can get the mp3 up soon.

  • Typo is fixed!

  • Dan

    Whoawhoawhoa. Wangari Maathai is dead? Wasn’t she like 71? 

  • Lookadeez

    Mp3 is available on itunes already.