I’m a Pony… November 25, 2011

I’m a Pony…

I always thought a Hemant pony would be brown…

Nevertheless, I think it fits!

You can see Johnny Kaje‘s other atheist ponies here 🙂

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  • pinko

    Id the baby on the bum were dressed up like a food product, it would be perfect.  Pretty awesome still, though.

  • my kingdom hearts pony

  • madeofstardust

    I love it. 😀 Esp that the colors match the ‘friendly atheist’ banner on your blog. Hehe

  • Tanya

    You mean, sprayed with pepper spray??

  • The baby *is* dressed up like a food product – the blanket is merely a wrapper helping keep fresh the raw nutritional goodness within.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a good-looking pony!

  • Dark Jaguar

    Well, that’s random…

  • Drew M.

    He is. It’s a tortilla, not a blanket!

  • Cd1809

    Now yer a brony?

  • Anonymous

    Someone must sit down with my some time and explain bronyism to me. It does not quite fit in my brain.

    Anyway, my favorites were Greta Equestina, Rebecca Trotson, and Pony Z Myers.

  • Michael

    But why does the pony version of Hemant have a baby tattooed on its butt in the first place?

    Actually, maybe I’d rather not know.

  • Milo

    first thing i thought of was “smiling mexigay”

  • Wotan Anubis

    It’s not tattooed on his butt, don’t be silly.

    It magicaly appeared there once he figured out his special talent.

  • Michael Appleman

    Is this my little pony thing a recent…thing? or has it just somewhat recently hit critical mass? I never knew it was a ‘thing’ for guys untill very recently and now it is everywhere.

  • Poltergeist333

    Like the vast majority of all memes, including the rage faces, it’s a 4chan thing that’s been going on there for the better part of a year.

  • Kelley

    You’re an exceptionally charming looking pony, but I’m afraid you’re missing your sombrero. 

  • Here’s a link to the pony creator thingie if anyfur is interested.

    GeneralZoi’s Pony Creator

  • Hmm, best to read the meme:

    And personally, I love the catchy songs, three-dimensional characters, and constant stream of reference jokes to pop culture and broadway 🙂

  • Josh Hyde

    I’m surprised no one has made the comparison to Kratos from “God of War”.

  • I’m glad you like it!

  • Michael Appleman

    Hmm, It is made by some of the same people that did Foster’s home for imaginary friends? I may have to give it a watch :p