Alright, You’ve Convinced Me November 24, 2011

Alright, You’ve Convinced Me

I’ll marry the first person who approves of this cake for our wedding:

(Thanks to Dawn for the link!)

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  • i love it!!! 

  • Remjem42

    I approve of the cake, but I won’t hold you to the marriage part … LoL

  • I approve. (Can I substitute on the marriage partner?)

  • That cake is a lie

  • Moky

    I approve, marriage not required :p 

  • Deal!

  • Kate Johnson47

    Not only do I approve but I will glady marry you. My husband won’t care, he thinkst you’re awesome too 😉

  • Anonymous

    That would be a terrible wedding cake.

    It is not nearly large enough.

  • Anonymous

    I, Jade, take thee Hemant…

  • Aimeejoe3

    I just want the cake!  CAKE!!! (Little Britain)

  • that is just awesome! I’d marry you… or whoever made that cake!! 

  • PJB863

    The images SO much remind me of my cousin!  When we were kids, his sister and I were going to stone  him, but Grandma wouldn’t let us.

  • Last time I’ve seen a marriage proposal this indiscriminant was in The Pirates Of Penzance.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I’ll marry the first person

    It’s good to see you avoided sexual discrimination there…

  • Mlodi1

    This is amazing. Now I just need to convince my fiancé of us having this at the wedding. Shouldn’t be too hard

  • Nazani14

    Who wants to marry a 59-year old in quest of health insurance?  FSM cake is great, but I’d be equally happy with Cthullu.

  • Mairianna

    I think – for me – it would depend on what those meatballs are made from!  

  • Catherine

    Hey! My wedding cake was the planet Mars – to commemorate the close approach in 2003, the year my husband & I got engaged.

  • Stephanie

    I admit it. The cake caught me off-guard this morning and I actually squealed out loud. So cute!!! 

    Way too late for a wedding cake, but I’d love it for an anniversary. 🙂

  • Subterminal

    What?  Having a sexual orientation is not discriminatory.

  • Nicole Youngman

    FSM FTW!!!

  • Greisha

    We have 30th anniversary next year – maybe we will use the idea.

  • fgsdgdfs

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