Are Your Beliefs Separating You from Your Family Over the Holidays? November 23, 2011

Are Your Beliefs Separating You from Your Family Over the Holidays?

I was contacted by a (credible) reporter who’s looking for atheists to speak to for a possible story:

I am embarking on a holiday story about atheists/free thinkers whose views keep them separated from their families at the holidays. Know anyone with a good story to tell? I want to write about how bridges are built (or not), how new holiday rituals are crafted (or not), how the holidays are coped with (or not) when you can’t be with your family because of a difference of beliefs.

If you think you have something worth sharing, please let me know ASAP and I’ll pass the info along. (I’ll respond to confirm I received your email either way.)

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  • Despres_smyth
  • Secular Planet

    I clicked on this thinking it was going to be about this current Onion story:,490/

  • I am utterly dreading tomorrow with my ultra conservative, southern baptist bible thumping family.  They make it their mission to save my soul every time I’m around them.  My grandmother has stage 3 cervical cancer so I can’t just ditch.  To compensate I think I may just start drinking tonight and finish up around 8pm tomorrow.  It seems like I have a holiday tradition in the making.  

  • I love that this is starting to happen. People’s stories are getting out there because, finally, there’s been enough of a dent put in the status quo by atheists making sure they get noticed.

    ‘Not helping’, my hairy left cheek!

  • Rich Wilson

    I thought for sure that was going to be a sarcastic “what not to do”, especially when I saw Dan Savage’s name.  Wow.

  • Lurker111

    I too have found that alcohol, despite its dangers, does allow us to abide ignorance.  Especially felony-level ignorance.  With Oak Leaf Cluster.

  • Jess

    I just don’t even go. It’s not worth the headache.

  • My family are just wonderful. I’m pretty lucky. I love Christmas because I get to spend it with them.

  • cant you just deny the holy spirit and say “no use wasting your time now, let’s just have a family holiday instead”

  • Whatly Raymond

    See my ask richard and the update.

  • Former Thumper

    See the letter I wrote for ask richard andthe update I posted

  • Former Thumper

    Sorry for the double post, I’m on my phone and the mobile interface is different. Anyhow I’m referring to the letter from former thumper

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