Campus Atheist Group Raises Money for the War on Hunger November 22, 2011

Campus Atheist Group Raises Money for the War on Hunger

Chris Calvey and the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics (AHA!) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are in a fundraising battle-to-the-death (or as he calls it, a “friendly competition”) against Christian and Muslim groups on their campus and they need your help!

They’re trying to raise money for the (non-sectarian) Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin:

By tapping into the generosity of the atheist internet hive-mind, I am declaring a fundraising goal of $500 – that’s 1,500 meals – by the end of the month.  Your donation will help ensure an AHA victory, thus proving once and for all that atheists are more moral than Christians and Muslims. (That was a joke)  Seriously though, if this contest ignites within us a competitive, wallet-opening spirit… then we will have successfully fed more hungry people, and ultimately that is the most important thing.

Awesome. If you can chip in, the Donate button is on the top right corner of the AHA! website. It’d be great if they could reach their goal before Thanksgiving…

"Considering the hundreds of millions they have squirreled away? Not just yeah but HELL, YEAH!!!"

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  • Donated $100. Go AHA!

  • Chris Calvey

    Thanks Richard!
    And thank you to everyone else who is donating as well.  AHA, and the hungry people of Wisconsin, really appreciate it!

  • Trickster Goddess

    Could we please stop declaring WAR on everything.

    As the saying goes, if your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail. The American military culture is so embedded in the national psyche that every problem becomes something that needs to be solved by metaphoric guns and bombs and violence.

    I think this framing is very unhelpful as it unconsciously affects our process of problem solving in a negative manner.

    Besides, the history of metaphoric wars has been rather dismal. I can’t think of even one “WAR on X” campaign that has been successful or even produced positive results results in the long run.

    Even actual literal wars end up causing widespread misery and negative effects, even in the rare cases where they actually solved the initial problem they started for.

    If we are ever to solve our many endemic social problems, we need to start by approaching them with a framing and mindset that is more conducive to actual problem solving.

  • Nvisionmd

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see if the Atheists, Christians AND Muslims could work together for a change rather than competing for bragging rights?  Don’t you think that would send a much more positive message to the religious community and those that we wish to have join our beliefs? 

  • Nvisionmd

    or should I say our disbelief’s? 

  • Good luck to the AHA!

    I’m more concerned about the food on display.  I do accept and even applaud the idea that the people benefiting from this donation can get the food that they want rather than the food they need.  I just don’t like the food choices on display.  Heavily packaged, single-serving meals, single-serving drinks, hot chocolate, chips…Maybe it’s the imagery: “Help the disadvantaged of Wisconsin eat food that will cause health problems later that they will also be unable to afford.”

  • KuTo

    Donated. 🙂

  • Rayna

    Thank you so much for linking to this! I’ve already donated 😀

  • A lot of food banks will accept food donations; it’s just that it’s more cost efficient to donate to money because they can buy food at a heavily discounted price. My job is holding a food drive and though I’d much rather give $, they are asking for canned goods.
    If you have some ideas to improve the quality of food and it’s also a cost-efficient idea, maybe you can email a local food bank.
    I know hunters in my state donate some of their kill to local food banks since meat is often a huge expense for food banks.

  • If it offends you so much, you’re always free to donate to a local food bank and they don’t even have to know you’re an atheist.

  • Legitimate Gynecologist  What do you as an atheist care about giving food to the homeless or competing with other religions. The starving die, the unemployment rate changes and makes us look way more stable as a country. If you even believe in countries. God hater. There’s a book I know, a book with everything from an innocent man executed while townspeople cheer on, women savaged by dogs, to raped wives cut up by their husbands and sent across the country. Probably all things you are into reading about. It’s called the bible, and it can save all of you.

  • youreunreasonable

    The competition is so that members of each group are encouraged to donate. It’s an extra incentive to give for those that may be on the fence. We are donating it under the same name in the end as well so I’m not sure at all what you’re upset about. 

  • I love morons like you…with your “useofdeadniggers” url link, & your idiotic (and uncaring) statement “the starving die” comments.
    You think you’re a good person calling us “God Haters” yet it is YOU who is spreading the needless, heartless HATE!  …I LOVE YOU MAN!  You make your people look so PATHETIC & only bring our society one step closer to ridding ourselves of neeless PATHETIC Superstious Beliefs!

    I appreciate EVERYTHING you do!  …PLEASE keep it up! 

  • Nazani14

    Thant was gonna be my comment.  Waay too much carbs and salt in that batch.   I always donate dried foods – there’s a lot more than just beans- and attach recipes and seasoning mixes.

  • Legitimate Gynecologist

    I hate you Bill Cinnabon, but god will always love you… not really. Is this about being more moral or moral for the right reasons? Being good to others because you care about humanity should be the cause as opposed to being moral because you fear god or in your instance proving stature. I’m offended atheisms been reduced to a petty contest.

  • Legitimate Gynecologist


  • Legitimate Gynecologist

    War is natural. You’re telling me you don’t have impulse or emotional response? You’re less then animal and have no desire? Decisions must  be made to ensure progress. The progress that fascinates and excites the curiosity in all of us.  Without strife life becomes null and void. Overpopulation reaches extremes, there are less resources and we would devolve into cave man anarchy.

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