Skepticon IV Approaches and a Billboard Goes Up November 16, 2011

Skepticon IV Approaches and a Billboard Goes Up

In anticipation of this weekend’s Skepticon IV in Springfield, Missouri, the Ozarks Area Coalition of Reason have put up a billboard for the closeted atheists out there — thanks to $5,000 in funding from the United Coalition of Reason:

“We hope that folks will realize we are a regular part of the community,” said Steven Olsen, coordinator of the Ozarks Coalition of Reason. “Atheists and agnostics like us live throughout Missouri. We’re your neighbors, your family members, your friends, your coworkers. One of us might even be sitting next to you in church.”

By the way, if you’d still like to attend Skepticon, it’s not too late to register! It’s free to attend and the speakers aren’t all that bad…

Hope to see you there, especially if it’s your first time attending an event like this 🙂

If you have the means and you’d like to see this kind of event continue in future years, please consider making a donation to Skepticon. They already do so much with a limited budget, but some financial comfort would be a boost for the next group of organizers.

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  • Annie

    I think a good way to capitalize on the upcoming season of Santa and all would be to have a billboard that reads, “We’re just good for goodness sake”.  And then state what atheist/humanist group paid for it.  Simple.  Positive.  And oh so true.

  • gsw

    I would really like to see a “Don’t believe in any of the gods?  You are not alone” billboard.
    I find the use of God – with capital G – as if there was only one,  rather irritating.
    But then, they are paying for it. Of course, in this part of the Europe, anything like  that is forbidden – it has been tried.

  • Wish I could go

  • ESC_key

    Hemant, your lecture sounds like it will be very worth hearing for us aspiring future math/science teachers. Will you be able to upload video of it to the blog for those of us who can’t make it to the con?

  • William Garvey

    This is my last year in Missouri so I figure I had better go see what all the fuss is about.  See you there!

  • «bønez_brigade»

    I’m there, dude.  Let the skeptical heathenry begin.

  • It will be videotaped, though I’m not sure when it’ll be posted!

  • E_carter


  • GodVlogger

    I agree. I think it is much more powerful and thought provoking to say that “I do not believe in any gods.” (gods being plural and with a lower case ‘g’).

    My rationale is that by speaking of God in the singular and with a G we are conceding or buying into into the Judeo-Christian mythology that their god is the only one god that there is but for some reason we are denying him (rather than acknowledging that their god is just one of thousands in the world).

  • Anne Sauer

    We drove by the billboard on our way into Springfield tonight. So great!

  • Amusingly, this could be read as a Theist message…

  • The trouble is that references to “gods” often get read as exclusively polytheistic. Thus if you don’t believe in “gods” some may think that you  then prefer God. Also “any of the gods” adds three words to a billboard slogan that is already at the maximum workable word count.

  • Rachel

    Omg. I just saw this today! I missed it! Do I have to wait a whole year to attend the next one?!?

  • Come Sunday! It’s still going on and I speak at 1:00 🙂

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