I Thought They Met on Sunday Mornings… November 16, 2011

I Thought They Met on Sunday Mornings…

My friend Jeannette spotted an interesting church sign in Bedford, Virginia on the way to work this morning.

It speaks for itself…

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  • Trace


  • Anonymous

    But will they be serving kool-aid?  I only go to meetings if there are free refreshments.

  • Garren openID

    I don’t get it.

  • Most churches meet on Wed. nights as well as Sunday mornings and evenings.

  • Religion – – – a cult that has legs.
    ———————————————-There are  Masses on Sat. evenings;   many Catholics do in fact “sleep in on Sunday”

  • Alexis

    In addition to Sunday services, most cults, oops I mean churches offer a midweek bible study or a prayer and praise service or a hymn sing. This would be an offshoot of the bible study.

  • I’ve heard a few clever differentiations between what is a religion and what is a cult, but maybe the actual difference is simply if you are a member, it’s a religion, and if you’re not a member, it’s a cult. 

  • Amy

    This is one of the many reasons I love your posts!!!  From a Christian here in the Bible Belt, thanks for the good discussion and the humor.  I told my readers about you and probably lost some in the process….oh, well.  http://readandtellme.com/2011/11/15/religious-dialogue/

  • I used to live in Bedford, VA. It’s just outside of Lynchburg as in Jerry Falwell.

    I can guarantee they deliver this message without one iota of irony.

  • Sarah

    Rotfl the title was part of the joke guys…

  • Religion = big cult

    Cult = small religion

    It is just numbers.  Nothing else.

    At a certain membership threshold, a cult becomes a religion.

  • As in X-Jerry Falwell.

  • One dictionary definition begins with ” a relatively small group 
    of people who . . .”

  • Beau Quilter

    Ah yes … I grew up the son of a preacher. I remember those days, Sunday School, Sunday Morning Service, pot-luck dinner at the church, Sunday Evening Service, Youth Group Meeting, Wednesday Evening Service.

    I wasted a lot of weekly hours in my youth!

  • Anonymous

    Which is why Pascal’s Wager doesn’t work. If religion is wrong, all those hours could have been spent on something productive

  • Anonymous

    I have a fundamentalist friend who says that cults break off from religions. She apparently has forgotten that Christianity broke off from Judaism.

  • Anonymous

    On Sunday they talk about kindness to their fellow man. So they discuss cults on Wed.

  • Sayegirls

    OMG…my in-laws’ church made it on Hemant’s front page! I don’t know if I should be proud or humiliated. LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    And since she’s Protestant, that Protestants broke off from Catholics and that countless Protestant sects broke off from others

  • usclat

    I live in North Texas in a suburb north of Dallas and I can tell you that ALL of the churches in the city I live in (Frisco) have multiple services on Sunday and Saturday and a huge service on Wednesday. Frankly (and I say this with no cynicism) I believe it is the churches’ definition of “multiple streams of income”. The giving by the faithful is two or three-fold in one week. It is at once tragic, sad and absurd. But the astonishing (apparent) allure of a cult is more than most folks can get beyond.  The good news is that I meet more and more persons of reason all the time even here in the heart of the Bible belt. 

  • I think I’d be a bit more comfortable bringing my own beverages.

  • And you wouldn’t have to “wait till marriage”.

  • I think there’s a secret message here. Out comes my decoder ring.

  • Anonymous

    Judging by church signs and some other statements I’ve seen, a good number of Christians are irony resistant. They just don’t see it

  • Reasongal

    In the small conservative town where I live, the major protestant churches have the Sunday, Wednesday and often, Friday night services.  Friday nights are often aimed at the kids, to keep them in church as many hours as possible.  Huge amounts of money is spent on sports venues, game rooms, etc., and these churches hold “lock-ins” with food and music where the kids cannot leave until after church Sunday.  They take turns feeding the kids lunch during the school week. I am often astonished at the money flowing in competition between the Baptist and Church of Christ groups – ski trips, huge religious concerts at a large venue, and mission trips to other countries.  What is funny is that both churches claim these huge youth group numbers, when all the kids just go back and forth with their friends.  These groups are also largely white, and there is nothing for kids to do in this town, so while the churches claim to have the answers to raising good kids, the ethnic kids are still in gangs, drinking  and doing drugs – the Christian kids drink and take drugs when they are not in church, of course.

    I was shocked to find out that 30 or so years ago the Church of Christ would take all their kids to a mountain retreat during prom so the students would not go and dance!

  • Reasongal

    Oh, and the standard parental rule for the kids who go out on a Saturday night, even if it’s just to the movies or a friend’s house, or something special like the all-night Senior  graduation lock-in, etc., no matter how late they get in, the students MUST go to church on Sunday – I guess this is penance for having secular fun.

  • Reminds me of a sign on a roadside church noticeboard I saw in Phoenix. It read “Sun Worship” and I thought how refreshingly open of them, then realised they just didn’t have room to put Sunday

  • and then you can get an STD too with your unprotected sex. Great idea Ed! Not!!!

  • No! Not let them dance at prom! How dare them!!!! I’m pretty sure they are just giving them an alternative to prom. Its a choice. Just giving them options is all. I’m pretty sure that no church would actually say that they have all of the answers. 

    I’m a super, strong believer and I know that no, one church has all of the answer to raising children. That’s just being naive if they actually think that.

  • This is the weirdest post I’ve seen on this site. Yes, many churches meet on other nights besides Sunday morning. You can’t tell me that you didn’t already know that? To say so tells me a lot about yourself. Meaning that your decision to not follow “religion” isn’t a very investigative one is it?

    The fact that you think this sign is funny is, uhm….funny to me since by your definitions of cult, you yourself could be considered one too. 

    One definition by Dictionary.com is “a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.” That would mean that both you AND I are in a cult 🙂 Call it whatever you want. Does it really matter? Or does calling churches by a different name somehow feed your ego to make you feel smarter because we are in a cult and you’re not.

    I’m always intrigued by how “dumb” anyone is for following religion are according to many on this site.

    If you’re so smart, then tell met why the heck does the ostrich exist and why it hasn’t gone extinct yet? You can’t tell me that something evolved from a lower state into becoming a higher state animal called the ostrich. It’s a pretty…interesting animal it is. Rather silly they are really.

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