Religious Video Games You’d Want to Play November 11, 2011

Religious Video Games You’d Want to Play

The folks at Something Awful photoshopped a bunch of “Religious Games that you’d actually want to play“:

And this one hits a little too close to home… do battle against a religious teacher!

"Unfitness indicating fitness. Catch-22 in reverse!"

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  • Kristi

    Lol. Love it.  I would play hooky from work one day to sit home and indulge in those any day of the week.  

  • Observer

    Well then…

  • Anonymous

    That should be Grand Theft Ass, where Jesus tells the disciples to steal a donkey for him to ride into Jerusalem.*

    *Matthew 31:1-7

  • Oh, I thought they’d mean stuff like From Dust and Black & White. Black & White was an interesting, if somewhat poorly-executed concept.

    But these are good too. Good photoshops.

  • Anonymous

    There’s always everyone’s favorite biblical story told in “The Binding of Isaac” from the creator of Super Meat Boy. Definitely worth a play-through. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

  • Slightly OT, but I’ve been thinking you could do a pretty good Western using lots of the creepiest quotes you can find from the bible…I also imagine an Old West “wanted” poster with Jesus’ face on it and a caption saying “Horse thief”, quoting that passage from Matthew…

  • Hey, I loved Black and White. I’d still play it if it weren’t for copy protection and a few glitches.

  • Tom


  • SpaceViking

    Dominions 3 is really good, if a bit absurdly complicated. It’s a strategy game where God ran off somewhere, and now every monster, magical being, totem, and others are taking over nations and starting a genocidal war for the throne. It’s also a surefire way to know that you’re a terrible person as you sacrifice virgins, make pacts with demons, raise the dead, plunge the world into endless winter, speed up aging, or extinguish the sun.

  • Anonymous

    I love “sonic the agnostic”!

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