Raise a Glass for Christopher Hitchens November 11, 2011

Raise a Glass for Christopher Hitchens

A few weeks ago, some Redditors decided to work on a living tribute to Christopher Hitchens. They asked people to submit one minute videos in which they said whatever they wanted to him.

The final product is now up and it looks fantastic. What a wonderful tribute to someone who’s had a hand in helping thousands of people rid themselves of religion:

"All I have to say about that meme is...yoink!"

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  • Shut it off during the first comment, “Hitch you’re a goddamn inspiration to…”
    No class.  Not what I expected to see or hear in a tribute to a man that I take seriously and respect beyond measure. There’s loving “familiarity” and then there’s this.
    I’m sure it’s well-intentioned, but it’s not what I expected.

  • You should watch the rest.  It’s really good!

  • What you are suggesting is not unlike my going to a
    restaurant with a friend that recommends it highly. Upon arriving, the server immediately
    pulls down his trousers and takes a steaming shit on my plate. My dinner
    partner can see that I am obviously displeased.

    “Oh, this part is unpleasant”, says my guest, “but you MUST
    STAY and give them a chance! Their soufflé and desserts are to DIE for!”

  • That’s a bit of a stretch!  Exclaiming  “God damn” is no where near equal to public defecation.  It’s a common phrase used to express excitement.  Caution, your elitism is showing (dismissal of the folk in favor of the fine.)  Besides, you didn’t even stay for the entree.  You saw the maitre’d, didn’t like his hat, and got all stuffy and left before you had a chance to sample the food.  

  • Do you have a problem with them toasting Hitchens with booze also?    Have you even read or watched Hitchens?     He’s got no problem with swearing or drinking.     This might be an inappropriate as a video tribute to the pope or some tight ass Imam, but it is perfectly in tune with Hitchen’s attitudes in life.

    I suggest you go on you tube and search for “Christopher Hitchens Fuck you” and watch him telling off Bill Maher’s audience both verbally and with the one finger salute.

  •  It leaves one wondering how Godless M could ever have listened to Hitchens in the first place.     I’m also starting to wonder if Godless M is like that woman in the Movie Misery who kidnaps James Caan’s character.

  • Pollracker

    Here it is. That man talked like people talk. If it offends you I’m sorry to hear that feel free not to watch. But, do not compare it to something rediculously absured or obscene. They are non compatable comparisons and its rediculous. Many christians would find your name on here offensive, but its just your point of view and its not offensive to most people. You can say the goddamn offended you, but please this is a tribute to hitchens a great man do not compare it to a waiter shitting on a table.

    To hitch your a goddamn inspiration

  • Anonymous

    Long live the Hitch!

  • Ironic that a person who complains against using the phrase “goddamn inspiration” for emphasis would post the hyperbolic scatological imagery you just did.   

    #$*&-ing ironic indeed.

  • Watched the whole thing and liked it.

  • Hemant, your title for this post scared the crap out of me. I thought he’d passed away! Glad to see that this is in fact still a _living_ tribute 🙂

  • Godless Monster, I also didn’t like the profanity in the opening message and would have edited that out or at least placed that later in the lineup.  But that was the only profanity in the whole video.  The rest was curse-word free.  There were a couple of funny parts as well as a lot of sincere sentiment.  I chuckled on the last bit when someone had the green-label Johnnie Walker because it was on sale.  🙂

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I could have used subtitles, I didn’t know any of those people by sight.

  • James Ryan

    You seem to be Hitchens antithesis.  Read his books.

  • Steve Radant

    LOVED this.  Hemant, thank you for re-posting!

  • Helping people rid themselves of religion? Now I’ve heard everything. Everyone is religious, you can’t be ‘rid’ of religion. It’s just a trade of one religion for another.

  • Everything with Band of Horses as the background music is going to sound triumphant and epic. Always. 

    I mean, look at this guy, riding the hell out of this bicycle. 


  • Anonymous

    God damn, it’s wildly, perfectly ironic that the video led with someone saying “God Damn.”  It’s perfect.

    To miss the deep sincerity in the rest of the video for a mild expletive is a shame.Goddamn it, thank you Hitch.  

  • Anonymous

    Excellent video. Hitchens is a rare bright star in our often too dim world. We need more like him!

  • Chris

    I love Christopher Hitchens. My own father has cancer and so does Hitch.  I’m a product of both of these great men. 

  • Does everybody also collect stamps?

  • Vanessa

    I actually had to re-watch the video to see what you were talking about, because the first time I didn’t even notice it, so obviously it didn’t even register to me. Honestly, who cares? It’s just a word, and if it had been ‘gosh darn’ I doubt you would have thrown a fit like you did.  Do us a favour, and get the fuck over yourself.

    Yeah, that’s right, I said “fuck.”

  • Atoswald

    They are every day average joes who wanted to pay tribute to Hitchens. They are not celebrities, and not likely that you would recognize any of them except by coincidence.

  • Atoswald

    You are seriously misinformed.

  • Atoswald

    Beautiful tribute to god damned, awesome man. Thanks for sharing, Hemant.

  • Erik

    What did you base your expectations on? The collab was never meant to be anything other than what it turned out as. I’m sure it would appeal to Hitchen’s taste.

  • Whut? Citation please.

  • He rides a bicycle like Hitchen talks and writes.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Goddamn and you can choose which god to damn.

  • usclat

    Hear hear! Let’s do more of these living tributes in honor of Mr. Hitchens. He is not only a true god-slayer but a bonafide genius. Cheers Hitch!

  • Indeed!

  • Guest 42

    And they say that two men can’t reproduce…

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