This Weekend: The Portland Humanist Film Festival November 9, 2011

This Weekend: The Portland Humanist Film Festival

Don’t have any big plans for the weekend?

Live in Portland?

Then the Portland Humanist Film Festival is where you’re going:

The event is sponsored by the Center for Inquiry–Portland and it’ll feature film producer Roger Nygard, Skeptoid host Brian Dunning, and Free Inquiry editor Tom Flynn.

A preview of the films is below:

Monty Python and Jennifer Garner? Say no more. If I wasn’t 9342342 miles away, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

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  • Tylertc13

    I live in Florida, but I was in Portland over the summer. I wish I could’ve stayed…

  • I realize it’s a film reel behind a mountain, but it really looks like a guy throwing up to me…

  • Cd1809

    Had to go to the Contact Us page to be sure that this event is in Portland, OR and not in Portland, ME…

  • I’ve read Asimov, but never seen or heard him, that was worth the whole thing.

  • Reality Based Community

    Hi Hemant,

    Please post a follow-up clarification/retraction of your “We Are the Risk-Taking Monkeys” post. While I agree with the general sentiment, the experiment you described never happened.

  • Argh! Portland is my home town and after seeing a lot of the USA and the world (I used to travel on business a lot) Portland is still one of my favorite cities. I moved to the San Jose area to work for Google four years ago but would definitely fly “home” for this if not for the fact I’m single with two dogs I would have to board. Thanks, Hemant, for making me home-sick.

  • Thin-ice

    As the guy who spent untold hours creating all the printed materials and film awards for this film festival, I want to THANK YOU Hemant for giving us a plug! Even the daily newspaper I work for couldn’t be bothered to mention this festival. Maybe the film reviewer is a christian and it pissed him off!

  • Thin-ice

    Excuse me, but your comment has nothing to do with the subject of this post. Don’t you know how to send Hemant an email directly? Or put your comment under the relevent posting? Just wondering . . .

  • Reality Based Community

    I have posted it under the relevant posting, as have a few other people. Hemant has not replied. I did not email because his contact page is rather uninviting. “Any email that is sent to him may be reprinted (in part or in full), in
    any format along with the sender’s information — URL, email, IP address.
    (So don’t be evil.)” I understand that this is meant for trolls, but still. Not the most friendly of messages for potential correspondents.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    I thought it was a giant pumpkin trying to eat the mountain!

  • JoeBuddha

    Can you, I dunno, possibly include the state in your promotion? There happens to be more than one Portland in the land, and, while the mountain in the picture seems to imply Oregon and not Maine, I’m not 100% sure without clicking through a bunch of stuff.

  • Agreed. Always bugs me, since I live in Maine and work in Portland. Sure, Oregon’s is bigger, but we were the first. And, like the one in OR, the one in ME is also the biggest city in our state.

  • Really? Which Portland? 🙂

  • Thin-ice

    Ha! As the story goes here, two early settlers from New England had to flip a coin to decide the city’s name. If the guy from Portland, Maine, had lost the coin toss, it appears that the Oregon Portland would have been known as Boston instead. Which probably would have been just as confusing in 2011, as is the name Portland!

  • Ashley Will

    I told my humanist friend in Portland about it and she is going to try to attend. She said she can attend for free on Friday since it is Veterans Day and she was in the service years ago  and humorously pointed out the irony of  honoring people that kill other humans.

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