Shave the ‘Stache for a Good Cause November 2, 2011

Shave the ‘Stache for a Good Cause

Chris Stedman is working with the Harvard Interfaith Collaborative on an interfaith service event this Thanksgiving — the plan is to package 20,000 meals for people in Massachusetts who need them.

It costs $0.25/meal which means they need to raise $5,000 to make this happen.

Following the enormous success of this year’s 9/11 interfaith community service project, organized by the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard where more than 9,110 nutritious meals were packaged for food-insecure children, we hope to double that effort by packaging 20,000 meals to distribute during Thanksgiving week through the Kids Care program at Outreach and the Humanist Chaplaincy’s new “Values in Action” Initiative.

To reiterate, yes this is an interfaith service project. It’s also for a good cause. Don’t let the interfaith involvement prevent you from chipping in.

Need more of an incentive?

If Chris raises the money by November 20th, he’ll shave off his mustache, the essence of his hipster powers.

I can’t recall the last time I was mustache-less, but it wasn’t pretty. Without my ‘stache, I look like a tween. We’re talking Justin Bieber-esque. Also, my mustache is basically like Samson’s hair — without it, I lose my already-shaky cool cred and am just a twenty-something in ridiculous skinny jeans. It’s a part of my identity, like a comfort blanket. Plus, it’s getting really cold outside in Boston!

Serah Blain thinks a stache-less Chris would be powerless — which should please all of you who oppose the interfaith movement — and she’s trying to raise $5,000 before he does to make him save the ‘stache.

Chris Stedman, has become so arrogant about his interfaith cooperation powers that he has exposed his Achilles heel and made the whole interfaith movement vulnerable to potential collapse.

Hmm… I’m feeling anti-interfaithy today, so I’m on Chris’ side. (Never thought I’d write that sentence…)

How often do we get to pitch in, help out a hell of a lot of people, remove unwanted hipster facial hair, and destroy the interfaith movement all at once? This is a rare opportunity, I tell you!

Either way, it’s all going toward a great cause. So help out if you can!

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    I’m super broke right now, but helping pay for meals for two people makes me feel good. Glad I could help with 0.01% of what they needed! 

  • Annie

    $0.25 a meal??  What is their secret? 

  • Anonymous

    Shaving off a mustache, especially a hipster ‘stache, is itself an important cause.

  • Rieux

    I’d rather Stedman went gnubashing-less than moustache-less.

  • Pollracker

    Great cause

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