Brother Jed is the Centerpiece of This Awesome Group Photo October 29, 2011

Brother Jed is the Centerpiece of This Awesome Group Photo

Notorious campus fire-and-brimstone preacher Brother Jed visited the University of Illinois on Friday and the Illini Secular Student Alliance members were ready for him:

As if you couldn’t tell, Jed is the man in the middle with the “You Deserve Hell” poster.

I love the student sign that reads: “Isn’t it interesting how God hates the same people you do?” 🙂

You can see more of the pics here!

(via Skeptic Money)

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  • Emlyn O’Regan

    Is the picture on the sign to the far left of the guy holding the “I’m with Stupid” sign?

  • Renshia

    Well it is obvious which one is jed. He is the guy surrounded by all those hatefull signs and angry people, spewing vile things….

    Oh wait..

    Hey, was that a surprise visit from jesus on the bottom left. By god it looks like it.

  • Kinda makes me wish there were someone with the Sam Harris WTF face meme there.

  • Trace

    I like: “He boiled for our sins.R’Amen”

    I don’t get: “All your souls are belong to us”

    I somehow have mixed feelings watching the “group picture” of Brother Jed (hateful sign on his lap and all).

  • cipher

    What utter, despicable garbage that man is. I wouldn’t give him the attention he so obviously craves.

    If one of those signs were to slip, and he were to suffer fatal head trauma, I’d consider it a good day’s work.

  • ff42
  • Anonymous

    But god did us a favor by creating hell. Hell shows that our earthly lives have meaning!

  • dauntless

    David Silverman?

  • I love the student sign that reads: “Isn’t it interesting how God hates the same people you do?”

    I’m sure that Christians would respond to this question with “Well, that’s because we were created in the image of God.”, when in actual reality, the opposite is true.

    What does the “Whoa! Heavy” sign mean?

  • 59 norris

    Is it what?  I don’t think you finished your question.

  • If you look really closely, it says “Whoa! Signs are kinda heavy.”

  • Freak

    Is (the picture on the sign to the far left) of (the guy holding the “I’m with Stupid” sign)?

  • Trace

    Thanks, that really helped!

  • Drew M.

    It’s a caricature of brother Jed.

    ETA: But it does look like the I’m With Stupid guy in this pic. Haha.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    Haha, I LOVE the one that’s just behind Jed. It says:


    It’s not very effective……

  • Pustulio

    It’s actually Yao Ming. It’s one of those rage comic images.

  • Pureone

    I see a typo in one of the signs. Should read “HAIL SAnTANa”

  • When I was attending Florida State University, he came to speak outside of the Oglesby student union hall.  

    Then Sparkles, the leader of the LGBTQ student union, (along with other members of the union) showed up.  Brother Jed told Sparkles that “Satan is going to grab you by the testicles and throw you into the bowels of hell.” 

    Hahaha, this guy is a loon and a half.

  • Anonymous

    Jed’s been doing his shtick for decades now. I first saw him in 1980 at the University of Texas at Austin, before he married his wife, Cindy (who was a budding campus preacher). I wonder if Cindy still tells her story about how she was a disco queen?

  • Charles Black

    Why not use this idea if the Westboro Baptist Church (no introduction needed anyone?) try to cause trouble with their signs & bigotry.

  • Erik

    Kinda like Anne Coulter with less fans?

  • Drew M.

    Well, I feel silly.

  • Bradthomas

    Looks like Brother Cope showed up too, although he’s not in this picture. What a nutcase that man is.

  • dauntless

    I can see why you made that mistake. Brother Jed looks a lot like Yao Ming.

  • I feel the same way. I heard the “you deserve Hell” kind of stuff since I was 12, and I can tell you that a 12-year old child does not need to be told they’re guilty of sin and deserve to die and live in eternal agony. It does stuff to your self esteem issues.

    Brother Jed is a hateful, evil man. Him and people like him need to be exposed for the vile trash they really are. Christianity is fine, but when you speak to young children in a manner that kills their ability to grow up to be who they really are, you’re deserving of all the rage that I’m willing to give.

    (Oh, and the “And God said NYAN” sign is my favorite :3 Nyan Cat FTW!)

  • Alyssa

    That FSM sign was mine. Thank you!! 

    Also the “All your souls are belong to us” makes more sense if you know that for Blasphemy Day (9/30), we gave out cookies to everyone who signed their souls over to us. 😛 It’s a play on the already mentioned meme, though!

  • Joshszman09

    Yes, yes it was. He passed around red cool aid.

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