Introducing Mothers Beyond Belief October 28, 2011

Introducing Mothers Beyond Belief

Noelle George has created a Facebook group for mothers to talk about parenting/pregnancy/etc from a secular perspective — it’s called Mothers Beyond Belief (and, in case you’re wondering, Foundation Beyond Belief is aware of the group’s name and fully supports it).

Why join? Not that I have direct experience in the matter myself, but I hear many pregnancy and childbirth forums online are ripe with religious talk and pseudoscience. Here’s a science-based, secular alternative.

Noelle tells me the group is focused on supporting new moms (who are pregnant or gave birth relatively recently), though all mothers are welcome to join.

It is a closed group, so you must be accepted before you can join the conversation. Sounds like an awesome support system for a demographic that could really use one.

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  • Anonymous

    Again with the Facebook groups… I so wish that place didn’t exist.  Yet another group I can support with pleasant thoughts from afar.  (I detest all social networking… bullying issue with involving my son and a group of “good” Christian boys last school year.)

  • Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience online.  Facebook is a good way to see how much interest there is in this type of resource, as well as to reach people who may not have a secular community in their area.  

    If there is a lot of interest and people want us to do more with it, we will look into creating additional resources.  This may just be the beginning….

  • Laura

    I’ve seen online groups succeed, and online groups explode. It took me several years to find one I really clicked with. So far, this one seems very promising! 

  • Leiwhite

    Thanks for the shout out! It is definitely a niche that it’s sorely overlooked!

  • I can’t tell you how much my online groups, whether Yahoo, local boards or Facebook have helped me.  They have been a lifeline of sanity for me.  Thanks for the heads up on another resource.

  • Kristi

    Just so its out there… another new page on Facebook is Atheist Moms.  There is no acceptance needed and the primary focus is towards all atheist parents (fathers are welcome as well), from pregnancy to being grandparents.  Really friendly people.   It’s not my page, I happened to stumble upon it by accident.

  • Pregnancy/childbirth/parenting forums ARE full of all kinds of woo, from the harmless but silly right to militant lactivists who insist that if you even look at a can of formula, your kid is doomed… DOOMED! It’s crazy, man. I have no plans to procreate, but I will spread the word.

  • That’s not the fault of social networking, though. That’s the fault of those kids’ parents!

  • kitschwheeler

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this article, Hemant. I have a strong feeling I’ll become friends with some of the women from this Facebook group. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to meet kindred spirits who I’m not afraid of offending when I share stories about raising my children in a secular household.

  • Anonymous

    But it’s my fault, too, for condoning the shoddy privacy practices of FB… they don’t care and encourage people to be as open as they can, but it’s just not wise.  I learned that… a few of my RL friends have learned that as well.  I love forums and comment sections of blogs, and I’ll stick to that.  (I was also playing a number of the games… I work from home, typing for a living, and my income dramatically increased when I quit FB… go figure.)  So it was a win-win.

    And yes, I’m amazed at how many under 10 kids are on FB, lying to be there, condoned by their parents!  These kids were middle schoolers who were watching MY FB (which, granted, had a public wall so old friends could find me) to see what I posted about my son, him being upset at being teased… and it just egged them on.  It wasn’t necessary for me to be there, so I just deleted my account.

    Hence… I miss old friends.  I can’t participate in a lot of things that are FB-centric, and so many sites I love are going to FB comments.  It is as insidious as Apple!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Nadine… honestly, were I still on FB, I’d be there with bells on.  🙂  You do have my FULL support… I just can’t show it other than here.  I wish your group ALL the best.  I’d love to be a part of a secular (or even better, active atheist) mom group!

  • Anonymous

    Another one I’d love to join… I hope they are equally successful.  Anyone know of any NON-FB atheist parent/mom groups or mailing lists or blogs out there??

  •  Thank you, Hemant! Its been a struggle to find other moms out there who are like me!  I appreciate the link and hope to make some new friends!

  • Grumble F Kitty

    BabyCenter has a couple. 

  • Thank you for making us aware of this group. They seem like sincere, helpful women.

  • AutumnBrooke

    Thank you so much for sharing! This group its just what I have been looking for. So far it looks very promising; everyone seems really great.

  • Tony

    I have the book Parenting Beyond Belief, and it’s really good.  There is another online group, the Parenting Little Heathens group on atheist nexus.

  • cipher

    Another bad thing about forming groups is that it’ll be easier for Jesus to find us when he returns and decides to send us to hell.

  • Kat Basken

    This is a great group for the general term “atheist”. If you’re looking for a group to get away from the same old arguments made by religious people for things like anti-vaccinations, homeopathy, ghosts, even the possibility of heaven, this is not the group for you. I ended up leaving after being very active because many in the group would use “gut feelings” rather than evidence to support their beliefs, and then demand that their beliefs be respected. I get enough of that from my Christian friends. 

    If it continues down this path… science based it is NOT.

    Thanks but no thanks. :/

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