Why Do Kids Ask Such Logical Questions? October 26, 2011

Why Do Kids Ask Such Logical Questions?

Somewhere, the priest is muttering, “I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!”

You can read the rest of the comic here.

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  • Ed

    Great web site – keep up the good work
    Here is my blog
    Ed Haase/email:nogos@aol.com

  • If only the priest had a science education he could have easily explained it.   You see, god took Adams DNA, threw away the Y chromosome and used two copies of the X.

    Ta-da heterosexual incest of the worst kind.

  • Yeah, but at least he kept the incest in the family…

  • Charles Black

    So “Eve” was really a man & when God realised his mistake renamed him Steve.
    So it was Adam & Steve all along. Someone should tell the homophobic bigots about this.

  • I was going to send you this comic yesterday… glad you picked up on it.

  • Lurker111

    This argument is classic.  It’s simple, and I expect to use it in the future.

  • Dan Je Hall

    Oh, give me a clone
    Of my own flesh and bone
    With its Y-chromosome changed to X
    And when it is grown
    Then my own little clone
    Will be of the opposite sex.

    Clone, clone of my own,
    With your Y-Chromosome changed to X
    And when I’m alone
    With my own little clone
    We will both think of nothing but sex.

  • TiltedHorizon


    That comic brings back memories from Catholic school, except in my version the priest threw the bible at me….  literally. (Not a joke)

    My question to ‘Father’ revolved on how an all knowing being failed to realize Adam needed a companion. I found it odd, at the time, that all manor of beast walked the earth in pairs yet Adam was created alone. Seemed like a gross oversight by a being incapable of error

  • Cobo Wowbo

    Even though this is a comic, this just further proves how ridiculous creationism is.

  • Well then maybe I should have said “of the best kind”; family values and all.

  • Predeeprincess

    wth? if eve  was steve no one woulda been alive

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