CruciFiction 2 October 21, 2011

CruciFiction 2

Who knew popular atheist vloggers were now collaborating? And working on scripts?! Thunderf00t and religiousantagonist did just that and I’m told more vlogger mixing is forthcoming.

The premise: Jesus is back and he wants your attention!

I love the lines at the 2:20 mark 🙂

At least they can go to lunch at Chick-fil-A?

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  • I didn’t know Thunderf00t had any time for atheism or science anymore. I thought he was just too occupied with his little troll war with Dawah Films. I unsubbed from his YouTube channel and blog over it. A pox on both their houses. I will watch the video, though….

  • Jesus wears glasses?

  • Religiousantagonist

    Thanks Friendly Atheist for posting this Video!!!!

    I am Mike from the Video…and I appreciate you supporting my collaboration with Thunderf00t. More on the Way!!!

  • That was always my problem with David Koresh…

  • Tom

    Yeah, you sort of figure that the son of god would have better coverage.  I mean, does he even have dental?  If I were the father of the embodiment of all that is good and righteous about humanity, well, I would make sure that my kid had some lasik done before sending him to the masses.

  • This really wasn’t that funny or clever. I can’t find a copy online, but I used to subscribe to this music magazine that sent out DVDs with music videos and short films on it, included in one was a much funnier “version” of this video.

    In it Jesus “comes back” and finds that no one cares too much about him and gets an agent who then makes him “popular” by having him fit into the modern world. Then at the end when Jesus is supposed to “bring the rapture” he decides to keep up his popularity and new entourage.

    I loved the end because the agent, dismayed by Jesus giving up on his preaching goes to a new guy to re-popularize: Zeus. I wish I could find it online, it’s way funnier than this piffle.

  • Vlogger collaboration is old hat.  Look up Qualia Soup and Theramin Trees.   They are the bomb.

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