Let’s Hope the Rapture Isn’t Happening… October 20, 2011

Let’s Hope the Rapture Isn’t Happening…

Because if Jesus comes back, he’s gonna be pissed

(Animation is NSFW)

(via riojabaja419)

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  • Wadeberry123

    Of course no one thought Camping was gonna be right this time either, but I hedged my bets and bought some extra shotgun ammo anyway. Gotta headshot those zombies.

  • I can hear a sound like thunder in the distance, but it does seem to be an aeroplane rather than a zompocolypse.

  • Wadeberry123

    There’s motha fuckin zombies on this motha fuckin plane

  • Charles Black

    The good thing about kooks like Camping is that they serve to discredit their own religion when they make claims that are testable (not surprising are proven false).
    So we should all use this as a golden opportunity to educate people about the giant falsehood called religion. 

  • Wadeberry123

    I don’t use facebook much, but I was on a lot yesterday and at 12:01 this morning talking about Camping and his douchebaggery.  Today will be about equating Camping, however “special crazy” he may be perceived, with more mainstream ideas that are just as ridiculous and malicious. 

  • Michael

    The Register notes that Camping is publicising broadcasts due to happen this weekend.

    All these discussions are making me think that the Black Death was actually the Rapture. 1/3 of the world were taken, society was left in ruins, then those of us who were left behind picked ourselves up and adapted.

  • Charles Black

    If I remember my history correctly, the Black Death (well what caused it was mostly likely Y. pestis) started in Asia but killed mostly Europeans.
    Interesting isn’t it?

  • Charles Black

     Indeed as much as mainstream Christians will proclaim at the top of their lungs that Camping isn’t a “True Christian” they won’t point out that their idiotic delusions are no different on a fundamental level (Camping just goes a little further by setting dates for his Rapture bulls**t).

  • Anonymous

    This sort of thing will keep coming back to embarrass christians because they can’t get away from the fact that their religion started out as a doomsday cult. And many christians apparently need to believe that their doomsday prophecies will happen this time – really! – because they know on some level that christianity itself will eventually disappear otherwise, without any rapture, tribulation or second coming. Would people living 10,000 years from now even know about christianity, apart from a handful of scholars who study ancient religions? And how much would these scholars even know about something which began 12,000 years in their past? The last ice age ended ~ 12,000 years ago relative to us, yet have any religions from that era survived to our time?

  • Anonymous

    Indeed some say that he is only wrong because he names specific dates, but of course the Rapture is going to happen some day

  • BrentSTL

    Kind of reminds me of a sticker put out by Mad magazine back in the day:


    It’s just late – like everything else!!!

  • Anonymous

    I know that no zombie apocalypse or earth shattering event will ever happen. But a person can still dream.

    However if I were christian then instead of being a depressing asshole I would just be a devote follower of the scripture, waiting for jesus to magic away all my problems and kill everyone that disagrees with me.
    Because that’s not crazy at all.

  • Lurker111

    The blonde in the pink blouse must be the hooker from _Total Recall_.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love that video.  “When the Zombie Jew returns”

    Was that Lemmy from Motorhead with Joey Ramone and John Lennon?

  • Dan W

    Harold Camping was wrong again. Act surprised. My prediction- the world will end in 5 billion years when the Sun expands into a red giant.

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